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A Star is Born Movie Review, The Story with Love and Dream

Last year hot movie “A Star is Born” actually is the fourth time remake version, we can see this theme will always romantic no matter what era it is, the story is about a girl slowly reach a dream, and fall in love with another superstar. It also starring with the real life superstars, Bradley Charles Cooper playing Jackson Maine, and Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (Lady Gaga) playing Ally Campana, they tell about a very special and also normal love story.

I am the guy pretty like to watch romantic movies, love is the most powerful emotion for the human. Love can’t explain by two or three words, describe with a “story”, I think that’s most beautiful and best feeling for anyone.

American Film Institute Awards and National board of review announces select this movie as the “Top 10 movies in 2018”. And be nominated 5 awards in 76th Golden Globe Awards, the ”Shallow” of Lady Gaga also wins Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song, this movie also be nominated 8 awards of Academy.

These awards nothing but mean this movie is very strong, you can enjoy the two superstars voices in this movie, on the other hand, you can see the story disclosed the dilemma of modern celebrity, let’s talk about the soul behind the story.

The Heartfelt Wishes of SuperStars?

The beginning of the story we can see Jackson try to paralyze himself with drugs and alcohol before the show, even the show is over, he still dependent on alcohol. We can say Jackson just alcoholism, but it isn’t hard to think about maybe the pressure is too big that need something to let off some steam? We know the superstars have seldom “Real Friends”, therefore, they will always pin on bad things.

Another normal girl who has a dream, Ally, She and Jackson has some love at first sight, when these two are drinking beer and talking, one fan coming and by an extremely exaggerated reason (or truth) that want to take a picture with Jackson, Ally punch the fan, and even at the store a clerk also take a picture of Jackson, Jackson smiling and does not mind, and Ally is angry.

Jackson represents “The Dilemma of Star”. Like the superstars right now, for these very rude or infringement of privacy action, they are already used to, and they were forced to be used to. We change the other angle to think, If every superstar like normal people that express the inner opinion, Fans maybe will think they are too arrogance, that’s the fact.

Ally represents “The Inside of Star”, the darkest, the truest self, she will punch the unreasonable person, and hate the impolite person. After all, Ally does not has the consideration of business and image, she just like the normal person, and the star is the “person”.

Ally even direct ask Jackson in a parking lot: ” Nobody asks you about you, huh?”, makes Jackson silence for a second. This maybe is most often sentence for ask themselves by superstars, maybe we need to care about the most…….are they already lost the normal life.

Beautiful Package

Ally gradually tastes the feeling of popular, she achieved her dream after being sign by a record company. But she is asked for she need has a dancer and exaggerated dance action, even the conspicuous modeling and opportunity for the show. She tastes the success and fame and fortune, but she still chooses Jackson.

In fact, Ally lost herself during the process, because everyone will only praise to her, and the thing she did also makes her more popular. After seeing this plot I’m wondering: “Who can take the temptation like that?”

Indeed, that’s the dilemma every star will suffer, but who will choose to reject when it happens? If your dream comes true, all you need to do is you need to do the thing will violation your original intention, that’s called dream come true? Or just another form of self comfort?

As a matter of fact, behind the package of every superstar, they are still a human, still has a story, if you like Lady Gaga you might know, she has a trauma in the past. Maybe every superstar doesn’t like the “Present Self”, but she can’t change, because everyone love that kind of her.

Face the Truth

This love story will only happen in the modern day, it has many dark sides, but at the same time, it is a dream and love choice. There is unpredictable when these two met, falling love and become famous, maybe that’s one of The joys of life?

It is deadly for both of drugs and alcohol, but sometimes people in order to jump off this too real world, they still will use many ways to run away. Ally and Jackson actually represents two very obvious compares, they are complete different in nature, one towards the light, and one Break into the dark.

But that’s also the beauty of love, always makes the two not suitable combine to perfect.

Jackson already “escape” from the beginning, and Ally constantly “pursuit” from the beginning.

He paralyzed the stress and anger of himself, paralyzed the fear of face the truth that his gonna deafness, In the end maybe is because of ashamed? he does not choose paralysis and escape, but he uses the worst way to face. And she receives many things but also lost many things by constant pursuit, from pursuing “Love” and “Dream”, she found it “Her Real self” and the truth of love in the end.

One choose to escape, one choose to face.

Two choices, two ending.

The Most Beautiful Thing is Often the Saddest

Every time I watched a beautiful love story, I still will think, that now the people are hard to have such a strong love like this. The developed of information is brought you all kinds of betrayal, fame is actually will easy to bring numerous temptations, it will make you happy but also make you pain.

Most moved thing in your life is nothing but to find the one you love the most, love so much that you can’t without him or her of your life. But, does he or she loves you like you do? We don’t know the answer, if you can find the love like that, then I can only congratulate you, you are the happiest person in the world.

It is the same like George talk to Jackson, his sentence makes me feeling very deep: “You know, it is like…….. I don’t know… you float out, float out at sea, and then one day, you find a port, say, I’m gonna stay here for a few days, a few days becomes a few years, and then you forgot where you were going in the first place, and then you realize, you don’t give a shit about where you was going, ’cause you like where you’re at.”

Even you are the best sailor, when the time is long, you still will lose the ability to drift. It sounds very sad? But there always has the saddest plot behind the most beautiful story, because the most beautiful thing, always is because insist of sad.

This is the beautiful and hopeless love story, if you like the love story you can’t miss, immersed in the music and the struggle between two, you will very enjoy the movie! Last, I want to offer my favorite song of this movie: I’ll Never Love Again.


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  • Missy

    Great analysis of the love story in this movie. I love how after the mishap at the awards ceremony, everyone wanted Ally to leave Jackson but she stood by his side anyway. Such a sad ending though.

  • Thabo Khoza

    Great movie review of a star is born movie.
    You laid it out carefully about the characters and how their pursuit for love conquers all.

    I am so in love with Ally as she shows that shes is a very strong and faithful woman.

    I am into love story movies and I am a sucker of love endings like these so this movie will be on my bucket list now.

    Thank you for the review

    • SkyPath

      Thank you so much, Ally really has an attraction, she could be the deepest impression for me in this movie! I never know that Lady Gaga is such a great actress!

    • SkyPath

      Yes! I think it must watch for the one who loves to watch romantic movie! Every songs in this movie are really good! All in my playlist now!

  • Kristi

    Thank you for such a detailed review of A Star is Born. I have seen the previous renditions of this film, but I have not seen this on yet. It is definitely on my list to watch soon. Love the way you lay out the plot as well as your thoughts, and I like your use of images from the movie.

    • SkyPath

      Thank you! To see Lady Gaga such a stunning performance, really worth you to see, I always want to find out the story behind the movie or what this movie really mean, let the people know that sometimes movie not just about the rating!

  • Todd P Matthews

    Such an awesome review and it sounds like a great movie with emotional ties throughout. I believe that with stardom comes with remembering one’s true self. Why did they have such a dream in the first place? I think with that, both superstars and normal people remember that one important message: That superstars are still human. They’re still people, and bad things have happened to many of them. Such a great message and a must-see.

    • SkyPath

      Thank you so much, Sometimes people don’t like the superstar say something they don’t want to hear, they forgot that superstars are human too, give them space, they need a space like we were, if you really love your idol, just love them like love everyone you love, don’t think they are different!

  • Anna

    What an amazing website you have!
    I typically am not a huge fan of dark websites but this one is truly beautiful, it matches your niche so well!
    This movie sounds really great, I’ve actually been wanting to watch it I just haven’t yet for some reason.
    After reading this I REALLY want to watch it!
    Thank you so much for your review!

  • Carmeta

    Such an amazing movie! That is a movie that I will watch! One thing I like about the review is that it teaches the highs and the pitfalls of fame. Anyone that watches this movie will a life teaching lesson. Thank you very much for sharing!

    • SkyPath

      Thank you! Great movie teach you things, this movie is about the bitter of being a superstar, and use two characters to compare them, really great movie! Hope you can watch!

  • Devara Garrison

    This was an excellent movie in my opinion, but you have to have a box of tissues when you watch it. It showed a lot of realism and deep passion for one another.
    The scene at the awards ceremony when he showed up on stage drunk and had the accident was a terrible thing to happen! Especially to be such an award for Ally! But she never turned her back on Jackson.
    Awesome romance movie with a very sad ending. Thanks for sharing this! I may have to watch it again!


    • SkyPath

      We can see the greatness of love, this movie is such touch heart, it is so close to reality, drugs, alcohol, it really can let us reflect, thank you so much!

  • Rose

    I have been hearing the sound track of the movie I really like it and I keep saying that I will watch it but Wow! now I really need to watch this movie, you have done a great job of review and lady gaga’s real name is what? Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta Wow! that is one lady with many names.
    thank you so much for this article.

    • SkyPath

      Thank you so much! Yes! I like the soundtrack of this movie as well! I already heard it a hundred times! Lady Gaga really has a long name (lol), I didn’t know her real name at the first until I watch this movie and search it.

  • Dave Sweney

    This is a great movie, I loved A Star Is Born remake. I think they did a really good job and Lady Gaga is deserving of an Academy Award. Let’s see how many awards the movie gets but if they do not recognize it for just how good it is, it will be a disservice to the people that were key in creating the movie.

    I love the music and the settings they used, too. Overall, when someone asks me about my impression about the movie, I go maybe a little over the top with my praise for it! It is well-deserved I think, so I tell it as I see it. The themes definitely love and dreams, something we can all aspire to have in our lives. A beautiful story told in a most beautiful manner.

    • SkyPath

      Yes, I think she really deserves an Oscar award, no matter her music or her acting, just really outstanding, and yes, this movie really has a great theme!

  • Yormith96

    When watching this movie last year, I actually wanted to get carried away with loves stories. Apparently am not the lover boy type, but I must commend the brain behind this movie and the two main focus there. Love is the beautiful thing for those that believe in it and didn’t fell for, the wrong person. I believe one day I will begin to love too, perhaps I have Been convinced it’s right time to do so

    • SkyPath

      Love is really powerful and beautiful, it will change your entire life as the movie describe, sometimes, love will helping you more than anything!

  • Paschal

    Yeah you are right. You are right. Love moves the world around. I enjoyed this film. For me it is the second Titanic.  It is powerful and full of suspense and deep emotional feelings. , Bradley Charles Cooper is in it again. I love him and he has always been phenomenal in movies. Great review.

    • SkyPath

      Yes, I like your metaphor, like second Titanic, even though they are different, but in the way of love, It’s all very romantic, Bradley Charles Cooper doing very good in this movie! Thank you so much!

  • Ayodeji

    Thanks for reviewing this as I watch the movie few days ago and all I can say is it’s just too inspirational. My favourite part is Ally’s bestie sticking to her till the very end. I just feel sad for her and her husband’s addiction to drug but I hate how her manager came around to tell him to stay out of her way which eventually led him to suicide. The movie is about love and sacrifice. I really enjoyed the movie. 

    • SkyPath

      Thank you! I think manager just like the shackles of a superstar, it will stoping your love or anything you want to do, you won’t have your own mind, that’s a very sad and real thing.

  • Kenechi

    Likewise me, I love to read stories about falling in love. It gets me a little more emotional and love my partner the more. Love is a beautiful thing. Emotions of love makes me let go of negative memories and move on with life more proper. With this feeling inside of me, I always feel the brightness of tomorrow. 

  • Olalekan

    This is a passionate and lovely movie but with a sad ending. The love never turn its back on each other even when when one or both partners are faced with challenges. After reading the reviews it is important I watch this money as it indicates the demonstration of love in its pure form. True love never dies. 

    • SkyPath

      That’s how love is! It will never betray you, as you said, love never dies, no matter what happens, love is always pure and bright.

  • ajibola40

    Nice review on all this movie. I feel like reading on and on about the movie and what it entails.

    A Star is born,the story with love and dream is  going to be a great movie to watch and a must watch 

    i like watching this kind of movies because I get emotional in between the movie 

    • SkyPath

      Thank you so much, you will feel many emotions in this movie, it will take you into the movie, I feel such a strong mood in this movie all the time.

  • Louis

    Fantastic review of a star is born. I like the character of Ally because she’s a strong lady and stays faithful all through. I’m also a sucker for love and the soundtracks used in this movies just makes it even much more romantic to enjoy. I will recommend a star is born for everyone to see, amazing movie.

    • SkyPath

      Thank you very much! Yes, she’s a strong lady, she falls in love and always trusts she’s love, I like the soundtracks in this movie too! Soundtracks always can let the movie better!

  • Kari

    Mr. Action

    Thank you for your insight on A Star is Born, a movie that I wasn’t sure I wanted to watch. I cry at the drop of a hat and I don’t like to watch chick flicks unless I know it is going to be worth it. A love story that is classic in nature but, has true to life occurances that are overcome. Great combo. I will be back for more reviews.

    • SkyPath

      Thank you! I think you can try it because of the music in this movie is really good, if you like to listen to music and want to watch the movie that has great soundtracks, this movie also a great in this aspect!

  • Stella

    What I love about this movie is how the two connected like immediately during her performance at the club. It was musically intense, even though the guy was an addict. The movie promotes love and perseverance thinking of the way he kinda embarrassed her at the Oscar award and she still tried to cover him up for his mistakes. I love the movie but I felt bad bout how he took his own life toward the end. 

    • SkyPath

      Yes, it is so sad to see what happen, he has a talent of music, but also he has a lot of pressure, that makes him pretty bad life, but after met Ally, it looks everything is changed, that’s a very beautiful love story.

  • Paul

    Thanks a lot for the very thorough and comprehensive movie review.

    To be honest, nowadays I prefer reviews before watching a movie. Few years before I always watch movies on the first day first show and many many movies really wasted my time so nowadays I am very selective on what I watch so reviews plays an important role.

    Wow, I’ll Never Love Again song is awesome. After reading your review I felt that this movie is not only going to be a good entertainer but we can learn great insights about life as well.

    Bradley Charles Cooper is one of my favorite actor and after reading your review I added this movie on my list.

    Much Success!


    • SkyPath

      Thank you very much! That’s why I start to do a movie review, I hope people can watch the movie because of my review, same as you, I won’t waste time to watch a bad movie, Hope you can see my review and just pick whether you want to watch or not.

      Thank you so much! Hope you enjoy this movie!

  • Danny Barley

    The website was designed very good and I like the movie, A Star Is Born, you picked out to do a review on.  I do like Bradley Cooper, but not a fan of Lady Gaga.  You discussed some great topics with the movie and you mentioned the awards and nominations that the movie had.  Your article flowed well and it  was very informative.  

    I don’t know much about the movie since I haven’t seen it nor have I seen the other remakes of this particular movie, but you did a great review of the movie.  It was nice work.

    • SkyPath

      Thank you so much, yes I know many people like Cooper as well! It is an honor to hear what you say! I hope my review can help people to understand the movie, thank you for let me know it really help!

  • Festus

    I quite agree, love is the most powerful emotion for humans.and the greatest expression of nobility.Most of the movies are new to me, love in its purest form can be quite sacrificial.We all have to go through the paths, and a times, a few are overwhelmed by the criticisms that comes alongside the praises.Thank you for bringing up such a reflective one such as this.The time spent was truly worth it.

  • jannatuljui

    What a great review and surprising post about “a star is born” movie. When I start reading this post It seems every word is important for known this movie. really it is a very lovely and dreamy movie. I am very much interested to buy and watch this movie. Thanks for the great review. “I will never love again”

  • Barbara

    I HAVE to watch this movie! Everyone keeps telling me how good it is, and by your review, it really sounds amazing.
    Definitely on my To Watch list now, thank you so much!

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  • Sherry S.

    I enjoyed your review of the movie. It is definitely one on my list to see soon! This gave me a deeper insight into the movie’s character’s and plot. I definitely agree love is very powerful! And of the strongest emotions. I truly believe our main purpose in life is to love and be loved. I also like both of these stars – so I greatly look forward to seeing it! Thank you again

    • SkyPath

      Thank you very much! Yes, life is to love and be loved, hope you can watch this movie soon! Great movie deserve you to watch, you can feel anything about love in this movie!

  • Juan

    Great article! I didn’t have the chance to see the movie yet but I heard a lot about it and a lot of good things too and after reading this article I feel that I should watch the movie because now it really calls my attention, I know what movie I will watch tonight.
    Thanks for the complete and sincere review.

    • SkyPath

      Thank you very much, Hope you can enjoy this movie! I see so many things about love in this movie, really good movie and has great soundtracks also!

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