About Me!

My Interesting Story

It is hard to imagine, but as a junior of University, I Had already been completed several huge storylines.

It needs to start when I was a kid, I enjoyed reading all the time, of course! not the boring stuff in school like math, I’m talking about the imaginary story with a life and soul. I believe that many people will be attracted as well, no matter whether it is games or movies, you will realize create from imagination is more interesting!

that’s the reason why I love “The Story” so much! Game, movie, Novel on and on, these are always caught my attention and inspire my imagination. Just because I like “The Story”, but I can not make the movie or the game on my own, so I choose the easiest way, and that, is writing a novel, back the time when I was 14 years old, I started writing a novel on the internet, I used my favorite game at the time called “Maple Story” to create my novel story, I spent two years or even more time to finally finished the story, including a hundred chapter and total two hundred thousand word.

The reader with me from the beginning to end was really touched me, they gave me the most realistic feedback, some reader was even more touched than me by the story, that’s the one I not expect imagine before I start! but that also let me know, I was too fascinated by this “imagination” from the people, it just so powerful that you can use just “words”, “voices”, “video” to touch someone’s heart so deeply.


My primitive idea

Why I Establish this website?

Until now, I still miss the person I used to be, burning life for the thing you love, till this day I’m still attracted by these things, I seem to that I can see the meaning and soul from no matter is game, movie or novel, even though there maybe meaningless, I just wanna let the people who loves any kind of story as I know, we are all the same, both of us loving the unforgettable story, deeply moving plot, that’s why right now I start writing again!

My Final GOAL!

I would like to recommend to everyone any beautiful, or the story has a huge meaning to learn, for example, what if an Art Museum has been opening for about 80 years, and still, doesn’t even change anything, imagine the 9 years old you and the 80 years old you, step in to this art museum that didn’t change, would you have a different understanding?

Behind the story about these three I love, actually has the same meaning with all these artworks, you can even say it is present more “reification” than artwork, the purpose is to put “Concept” or a “story” into your life.

It has a strong and scary association with “independent thinking”, try to think those “hater” on the internet, they are just lack of “independent thinking”, and “different opinions”, cause they don’t think the meaning behind the story, or the thing “you can’t see” at the surface. That’s why I happy to accept any judgment to me, because even that’s not the truth, I still can see myself with another angle, it just sometimes example was very extreme(lol).

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