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Aquaman Movie Review, Unite Our Worlds

DC and Marvel are the feuds in a superhero movie for a long time, but for me, I love Iron Man more than Batman. I am a huge fan of superhero movies since I was a kid, first superhero movie I have seen was Iron Man in 2008, I didn’t expect that I will attract by Marvel at that time, but after that, I am a fan of them.

I have to say that I don’t have any interest of DC superheroes, maybe it is because I love Marvel has an exaggerated scene, it is more like “what hero looks like” for me. Second, is because my love to Iron Man, It’s hard for me not to fall in love with “Avengers”, which movie who has Iron Man, it leads to I don’t involve any DC movies.

But I went to the cinema last time to see “Aquaman”, I only have one impression, and that is: “wow”, maybe I just underestimate the charm of DC heroes.

I will do the review for “Captain Marvel” next time, but before that, let’s talk about the amazing movie of DC, “Aquaman”! In this review, I will describe a little plot, and the issues hidden behind it.


Love Between Man and God

The beginning of the story was a woman wearing a fancy dress stranded on the coast, the man as a lighthouse administrator comes to help her, after a mess, they start understanding each other, one is a queen of Atlantis, and another one just a normal

lighthouse administrator.

Two people who found true love born a baby named “Arthur”, and he has the power to manipulate marine life.

These kinds of a baby like human and god or human and devil always is the strongest (lol). But these kinds of special love, means the queen pray to make this two world combine into one, and this wish build above a great word- “Peace”.

Therefore, Arthur not just as an Aquaman, he is also representative of the only force that can combine the two worlds. Have a power of God, but also as a human, he must make the choice.

DC vs Marvel

I always think Marvel superhero style is a way to far than DC superhero, DC does not that exaggeration like Marvel, no matter is the strength of heroes or the strength of fight, DC seems to make them heroes closer to reality, Marvel heroes is to make you feel marvel.

If you like to watch a superhero movie you must watch “Aquaman”, his battle scene most are the close combat, and the big scene of melee, in terms of viewing experience I think it is a new style different from Marvel.

Aquaman was like the DC version Thor, both have great power in mythology. But I want to emphasize again, Aquaman doesn’t have exaggerated special effects, but it still an entertaining movie worth watching.

You will also understand the difference between the Marvel style and the DC style.

Comfortable Rhythm of the Movie

The movie length is 130 minutes, I think this length is enough to tell a story, there is almost no cold field in the process, there also will be some “DC’s humor” interspersed in the middle. I think one of the reason you must watch is the rhythm of the movie, it is so comfortable, and also can fully understand the contents.

It showed the reasons why the Aquaman and villain must win, and interspersed with various battle scenes in the middle, to makes you feel the compact plot while you understand the story. And let you follow Arthur from a ruffian turn into the “Ocean Master”, mind growth of Arthur is another point of this movie.

But that’s also a disadvantage, this such a rhythm makes Arthur this character more lively, it means that he doesn’t make me feel his heavy responsibility. But I will have this feeling maybe is the original meaning of this movie, maybe Aquaman position is like he has huge power, but also is a not too serious character.

Such a shortcoming, make me believe he won’t lose in this movie, otherwise, it will be ruined.

Declare War on Land?

In fact, it is hard to explain the meaning behind a superhero movie, because it majority is about entertaining. But to a certain degree in Aquaman, make “anger of ocean” become materialized, and that is Arthur’s half-brother Orm.

Actually speaking about environmental pollution, the most terrible thing is everyone will care about it, but no one will have actual action. It was like everybody already heard too much about “ocean pollution”, everyone knows that’s a bad thing, but they haven’t actually done anything for the ocean, I think that’s more terrible than don’t know this.

It’s like the word has been numb, you know how to react about it, but you won’t waste any time on that. Arthur and Orm actually just like “humankind heart” against “anger of ocean”, to be honest, Arthur is no reason to stand up.

I think the movie can pay more attention in this point, Orm is like just a person who only wants revenge in this movie, I think it is some pity because after all, he could have a greater motivation, that will make a villain more attractive.

In general, “Aquaman” is the movie you worth to watch, if you just love Marvel, you really need to watch this movie more than anyone, I believe you won’t disappoint, you will get more opinions after watching this movie.

And I must say, “Aquaman” end song probably the most success in a superhero movie.

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  • Alblue

    I have watched Aquaman with my friends and I agree with you. This movie really worth to watch (and personally I feel this is better than Wonder Woman). Compared to Justice League, Aquaman really stand out as a solo movie without any cameo from other superheroes and I’m really glad it already got a sequel announced. I really love the pacing of this movie: it didn’t feel rushed until the end and I can understand clearly every action that was taken by each characters. Which character is your favorite?  

    • SkyPath

      Yes, it is really the best movie of DC so far, my favorite character in this movie is Mera, her beauty is amazing to me haha, and tough guy style of Arthur is really special as a superhero.

  • jaykaynigltd

    Thanks for the awesome review of Aquaman Movie!  I have not watch Aquaman till now (watching it) and I appreciate you sharing the info. I always look out for new movies to add to my list.  Like you my movies journey started in 2012 with “Arrow” and since then it has been one movie after the other. I’m learning a lot from your review of Aquaman movie and I appreciate you sharing more of this type of information/review on your page. I Book marked the page already!I love your expository skill – short and concise

    • SkyPath

      Thank you! We will do more review, hope it can help more people to choose the movie they want to see! My movies journey started in 2006 with “High School Musical”, if I have an opportunity I might review that! I haven’t seen “Arrow” before, I will find a time to watch! Thanks again!

  • ajibola40

    Thanks for writing this review on aquaman movie 

    I like talking about aquaman movie because it  has some incredible stuff to look at.ether it is the characters, creatures, sceneries or locales, it all looks really cool. There are several different places that Arthur and Mera visit, each with it own spectacle and unique perils.Cities are hidden in the Sahara, hidden oceans, the heart of Atlantis, full of insane technology and beautiful architecture; it’s all incredible

    • SkyPath

      Indeed! The worldview of Aquaman is really fantasy! And also not make you confusing in this such a big world, I think the great point is when we think about the biggest choose is Arthur did because he’s the one between human and Atlantis, but we just forget maybe the bravest choose in the movie isn’t about Arthur, is about Mela choose, she is the princess of Atlantis, she can stand with Atlantis with won’t have any lose, Atlantis will 100% destroy the human world, but she choose the thing she believes better than kill, that is: peace.

  • Kenechi

    Your super hero movie is a good one and I enjoyed the story about the movie though I was actually trying to figure out some lessons in this story which could be an inpiration to any lover of movies and also inspiration to children. I would have loved it more if it has some inspiring aspect of it other than mere story telling to entertain people only. 

    • SkyPath

      Thank you so much, I think many people will think superhero movies will just for entertaining, and all for the children to see, but actually, recently superhero movie will have some social issues or human ugliness in the movie, the first superhero movie do this is Spider-Man in 2002, it points out many issues in the movie, it also the movie makes superhero had gained a foothold in Hollywood.

  • Sammynathaniels

    A friend after seeing the Aquaman movie, told me it is overhyped. But I think I am going to disagree with him because of this review. The plot seem really interesting and to me, an interesting plot is everything in a movie – superhero or not. It is because of the beauty of the plot that made me fall in love with Black Panther. Black Panther made me love super heroes movies generally. 

    So I think I am going to see the Aquaman movie afterall. I can draw from here that it has an interesting plot – alot of Marcel movies do anyway. 

    Thank you for this. 



    • SkyPath

      You got that right! Sometimes people talk about this movie did not have any meaning of education, but sometimes, a movie is about entertaining, Black Panther is also an unbelievable superhero movie.

      Thank you so much! Hope you can watch Aquaman soon!

  • Jay

    I have not yet watched this movie and I was a bit skeptical about reading this because well you know, “spoilers alert” but I guess I was the one that decided to browse on it because I have heard so much rave about it which means I have to read it. 

    I watched aquaman in justice league and I really liked the character as he had a sense of humor. I am also a huge fan of superhero movies and I have seen a lot of them. Iron man was amazing and I think it is also a reason why I watched Avengers.

    Although I read this review on aquaman I think I would still enjoy the movie when I watch it because it definitely looks amazing.

    • SkyPath

      Our review will always try to make spoilers to 0%, but everyone’s opinion about spoilers are pretty much different, sometimes I need to describe a little scene in the movie so I can talk about the issue I want to discuss, hope it won’t too many spoilers for you!

      Indeed, review just to make your choice a movie is your type or not, the best part will be watching a movie of course!

  • Lejla

    This is great website! My son and his friends watch some of these movies over and over again, almost every weekend…
    I will definitely share your website with them!
    Keep up the good work!

  • Wealthfather

    Great Content and InformationThanks for this concise and thorough review

    Aquaman is one of the best movie of the century; This is the first movie I watched three different times; This is another heartwarming superhero movie. The rhythm on the background is super exciting and intriguing.

    My love for marvel kept on increasing on daily basis. 

    Thanks for sharing this review; I cant wait to see your review on Captain marvel

    • SkyPath

      Thank you so much! It is one of the best superhero movies of the century so far, me too, my love for Marvel kept on increasing on a daily basis, thanks again, I will do Captain Marvel review in this weekend!

  • Alice

    I have always been fascinated with DC and Marvel movies; I find them to be very entertaining simply because they are devoid of heavy dramas. I’ve seen Batman, Iron Man, Man of Steel/Superman, Batman and of course Spider Man which remains to be my all-time favorite even though there were better and more entertaining movies that came out after that.

    This year, I am looking to see something that’s quite different from the rest of the DC and Marvel movies that I’ve seen. Aquaman sounds like an interesting movie. After watching the trailer and reading your review and recommendation, I know I won’t be disappointed and feel like money and time wasted on this movie. Thanks for sharing your review.

    • SkyPath

      Thank you! Hope you can watch the movie soon! This is a really great movie, it makes me have more interest in DC heroes!

  • Topazdude

    DC’s Superhero Movie is a Wild & Goofy Ride, Now more than a year after Justice League hit theaters, Warner Bros. and DC Films returns with Aquaman. The movie sees the return of Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry in an origin story that’s largely disconnected from the rest of the franchise thus far. What DC’s Aquaman movie lacks is refinement, it makes up for with action spectacle and a whole lot of fun personality from Momoa’s Arthur Curry. Am one of their fan, I really find the movie more interesting than some of released earlier. Maybe DC movies do work best when not tied down into a huge cinematic universe. Aquaman had space to tell his story, and show us his world, and it was a delight. Not perfect, room to improve, of course. But that’s always going to be the case. All in all though, Aquaman really impressed me. Great review.

    • SkyPath

      You have a great point! I agree with you, it will release Aquaman 2 on Dec. 16, 2022, let’s see what would happen in 2! Thank you so much!

  • Mary

    This movie “Aquaman Movies Review” will be very interesting movie to watch. According to what i read in your post, It reveals the origin story of half human, half Altantean Arthur, and takes him on the journey of his  lifetime. His own mixed ancestry will bring a spiritually amphibious peace between humans and water-dwellers. I like the fact that the rhythm of the movie is very comfortable and also we can be fully understand the contents. Can’t wait to watch it.Thank you for sharing!

  • CJ

    My hubby is a huge Marvel fan, but we checked this out and both loved it. I particularly enjoyed the underwater scenes and visuals. I totally agree with you about Orm though, they could’ve given him more of an agenda. Pacing was great and I’d probably watch it again. Thanks for the review!

    • SkyPath

      Thank you so much! The special effects are really good in this movie! Orm can be a more successful villain and not just a villain with revenge.

  • Brian

    I am a superhero movie fans, but there were some reasons I have not seen “Aquaman”. After watching your review I will find a time to watch this definitely. And I like your analysis about DC and MARVEL.
    Thank you for sharing!

    • SkyPath

      Thank you! Hope you can watch this great superhero movie! If you are a DC fan you will so exciting, if you are a Marvel fan you will start paying attention to DC’s movie!

  • Keenan

    I have watched this movie twice now and I have to agree with you 100%, it is a must see!
    The combat scenes are amazing and the CGI within the movie in my opinion is also some of the best out of all of the marvel or DC movies.
    Aquaman is for sure within my top 5 favorite superhero movies!
    Thank you for this amazing review!

    • SkyPath

      Thank you so much, indeed, combat scenes are very amazing and not too complex, Aquaman is very successful, it raises the entire DC with no doubt about it!

  • Rickey Pruitt

    You have a nice review here about Aquaman I haven’t seen the movie yet but I am planning on it.
    The movie trailer was very nice I will look forward to seeing more of your nice articles.
    Thank You

    • SkyPath

      Thank you very much, hope you can watch this movie especially if you are a superhero movie fan or you like to watch an exciting movie!

  • Todd P Matthews

    I haven’t watched the movie just yet, but I’ve heard rave reviews from my friends via social media. I do like the fact that it dives into mythology, much like the Thor series, as I’m a huge fan of it, even if it can be exaggerated at times. The fact Aquaman doesn’t contain such exaggeration to me would be a plus.

    • SkyPath

      You right, sometimes it will get exaggerated if it is a huge movie, it has a great storyline with these mythologies.

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