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Avengers: Endgame, The Crystallization of Marvel 11 Years

Marvel is always surprised people since the first movie “Iron Man”, for me, the attraction of Marvel is much more than DC, don’t need to discuss some detail of sitting, but just watch the fans, we can prove that Marvel’s operating is better.

I took a while to decide writing this review, I want to wait until everybody has been watched this historic movie, warning, this review has some spoiler, if you didn’t see this movie yet, I’ll be right here waiting for you.

Almost everyone gives a high evaluation to “Avengers: Endgame”, it goes top 3 on IMDb at the beginning, now, it still on top 20, at the box office, it even beat “Titanic”, now is try to pass “Avatar”. So is this movie really that good? Is it worthy to get these high scores?

In fact, we can’t review this movie objectively, here is my opinion.

The Length of “Avengers: Endgame”?

I believe everybody knows that this movie has an incredible length, 3 hours, but actually not just 3 hours, it is 48 hours. Why I would say that Because “Avengers: Endgame” is the collection of Marvel universe, if you just watch this movie but not seen any one of those Marvel’s movies, I think it will be unfair.

But that’s also a disadvantage, for those of the people who didn’t watch other Marvel’s movies, “Avengers: Endgame” still is a great movie, but they can’t see the “full view” of this movie. It isn’t the other Marvel’s movies before, these superheroes acting in this movie will seem to be quite “deliberate”.

That means if you watch the movie of Marvel before, you will hard to review this movie objectively, on the one hand, is you can’t hide emotion and memories, and you can’t review this movie fair if you didn’t watch the pass movies.

So it means if you want to experience complete “Avengers: Endgame”, you have to watch all the 21 movies of Marvel so you can have the most complete experience, I think everybody should understand, this movie is involved “return to the past”, actually is because Marvel wants to recall the past with the fans.

To some extent it is a “fan orientation” movie, for those of the people who watch many Marvel’s movies, this movie it is a love letter for them, but for those of the people didn’t watch any movie of Marvel, they will be touching but didn’t know the real meaning.

I give this movie a high degree of evaluation because I start following the step of Marvel since “Iron Man”, the feelings and memories accumulated over the years, Marvel use “Avengers: Endgame” through the capital they have to create the ending that everyone is moving.

The Time Machine of Marvel

As one of the selling point, funny moment and easter eggs also only those who have seen previous movies can feel, the sitting of return to the past to get these stones actually is just want to bring the fans to revisit some classic scenes, as a commercial film it is very successful.

On the one hand it can prove the growing up of superheroes, on the other hand, it emphasizes again after Thanos eliminate half of the life in the universe, the frustration superheroes suffer is bigger than anything than before, it proves again that Thanos is an extraordinary existence, Avengers need to sacrifice more things so they can win.

From “Iron Man” to start, Marvel actually is grown up with us, I dare not say the 22 movies of Marvel are all great, but Marvel really did some awesome thing, they use over 11 years time offer the movie to us.

“Avengers: Endgame”?

No, strictly speaking, this is Hollywood, no! This is the superhero movie, that no one will pass for a very long time. In this 11 years, fans and the superheroes are grown up together, no matter is inside or outside, in the end in this kind of superhero movie that we think the hero will have a big win, we saw the most touching, heartbroken sacrifice.

I am Iron Man

I remember when I go to the cinema to watch “Avengers” was all because of Iron Man, is him open the era of Marvel, is him to make people change their opinion about the superhero, is him so Marvel at the top right now.

Even back to the realistic level, we see the actor of Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr., my opinion still the same. Marvel always very well on using a movie to shape the character, but Iron Man relied on Robert Downey Jr., it perfectly shapes Tony Stark.

I heard it before that there has many huge actors will take Tony Stark this character originally, but now I thank very much they are not, because nobody is more suitable this character than Robert Downey Jr., is him to saved Marvel, and makes every audience leaves a superhero dream in their mind.

“I am Iron Man”, these words are not just a start of the legend Iron Man, but also, it is the end.

The first time Tony Stark said that was “want to take responsibility”, and last time he says that is really “take responsibility”. I just wanna thank Marvel for giving us such a wonderful 11 years, although the middle process is not perfect, but, the end is really memorable.

I don’t think it makes sense to sell this movie, because the people want to see had already seen, and the people didn’t want to watch probably will not even click this article. But I really hope everybody doesn’t miss any movie of this series, this is an amazing period in the history of the movie, you can’t involve if you are a movie fan.


If you don’t have many times to watch 21 movies, here is two most important movies you must watch!


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  • Claudia M Mendoza

    I saw the movie and I enjoyed everything about it. I have always been a marvel fan, cause it connects with humans I think. I really like your break down and the picture as well. I will be back to see more.

  • Tamika G

    Hi, I’m a Marvel fan but wouldn’t say I’m a diehard fan as I haven’t watched every single one of their movies. Avengers Endgame was good though especially given how Infinity Wars finished, we needed Endgame to pull everything all together and remove the total chaos from Infinity Wars. There were lots of great moments in the movie (that historic Captain America moment) and some sad ones as well but it was good to see the Avengers supporting the cause all the way til the end! 🙂

    • SkyPath

      Yes, Endgame must solve the chaos happen on Infinity Wars, and it did very great in this point, in fact, it did excellent job to connect 21 movies! Me too! Avengers will always be the legend in the movie history!

  • Babsie Wagner

    I really like your take on Avengers: Endgame, and how much you enjoy the series.  I have always been slightly immersed in the world of Marvel only because my two sons were so into it.  It was never my thing in the beginning, but I’ve grown to love it over the years.  They recently got me immersed now into Game of Thrones, which again, I would never watch on my own, and I can’t wait for Sundays now, lol, even though next week is the last one.  To me, it’s really all about character development in any movie or show, and like you said, these characters have soul.  That’s what I love about it.

    • SkyPath

      Thank you so much, I’m really a huge fan of Marvel, I mean, maybe is Iron Man haha, indeed! I think every kid will like Marvel’s superhero, because they always have a great story, and the destiny, but also, they just like us, like human, they have their own motion about something, they are afraid of something, but in the end, they will try to get over everything just to protect the people they love! That’s why I like them so much, everyone has different personality.

  • Paul

    Wow! your site is like a combination of korean winter sonata and the hollywood marvel vibes. From your homepage I got an idea already that your niche is about movies. I like the background though I am not sure about the korean winter on top of your homepage because from your title Mr. Action I think it should be with action vibes not drama vibes in my opinion. I like the content and how you organize your site.

    Overall, your site is very pleasant to the eyes of the viewers. I hope I can watch this Avengers: Endgame, I have not seen this movie yet. Thanks for sharing this.

    • SkyPath

      Thank you so much, it is a huge honor to hear you say that! I’m very thankful, the reason I called my website “Mr.Action” is because I writing a review about game and movie, and both of these two things are all including action this element, thank you so much, if you have time, hope you can go a see this movie, because this is the milestone in movie history, and if you don’t know what is this movie about, you can go to see the two movies down below first! Thank you again for your praise!

  • Martin

    I am not a Marvel fan, although I watched a few Iron Man films and liked them (part 1 more than 2 or 3). Telling people like me that it might not make much sense to watch the “Endgame” makes me actually want to see it.

    Reverse psychology still seems to work.

    Is that now the end of Marvel films?

    • SkyPath

      Yes, hope you can see this historic movie!

      No, it is just an era end, like the first Avengers, after that, we will see new superhero carry Marvel, like Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Black Panther and on and on, it just the end of chapter one, we’ll still keep seeing Marvel movie!

  • Phil

    Hey, your site is awesome, but I thought I’d let you know that it’s taking so long to load!!! Hopefully there is something you can do about it, like shrinking the pictures…

    Anyhow, like you I’m also a big fan of stories, of long action stories! Yeah, I’m fascinated by the Avengers and I’m reading every story about them. 

    I see what you mean by the movie is 48 hours long, not 3 hours. I agree it’s a valid perspective about it.

    Maybe where I disagree is when you say Iron Man is the top character… It’s hard to choose a top character, but I’d be more for Spiderman for sure… Why not Spiderman, really?

    • SkyPath

      Thank you so much! I will improve that, I know it takes a lot of time to load! Thank you for telling me that!

      And I know, it is so hard to choose the best, Spider-Man is definitely one of the best, the reason Iron Man is so important is that he is the start of Marvel, the foundation of Marvel, and also this character has a great personality, Marvel go up the peak because of Iron Man, that’s why I say he is the best.

  • Dominic

    Oh wow, you’ve just re-triggered my hangover from watching Avengers: Endgame. You see, I’ve been through all the Marvel movies building up to Avengers: Endgame, since my family loves watching them.

    To be honest, I never paid much attention to these movies while it was still in the age of Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America. And when I first heard of Avengers, it never shook me a bit.

    But after experiencing the first Avengers movie, I started to take notice and got hooked immediately. I love it whenever I see every Marvel hero get their individual exposures and show off their abilities, all in one movie.

    As for the conclusion of Endgame, I was concerned and hoping that there’s still something to anticipate after the hype around this movie is gone. I’d definitely fight to stay alive just to witness the so-called “Phase 4” people are talking about.


    P.S.: For the record, Marvel movies were the ones that trained me to always finish watching the end credits!

    • SkyPath

      Thank you so much, and I 100% agree your P.S (lol), since Marvel movie, I start to sit inside the cinema until the movie really over, yes, right now we are going to phase 4 of Marvel, we can expect many new superheroes and some superheroes story hasn’t been over yet, we will keep seeing Marvel’s movie, now, it is a tough time of Marvel, hope they can get over these and keeps bring the best they can!

  • affiliate_ghost

    Hello there :), You had me from the minute i read “the attraction of Marvel is much more than DC” and i would like to read that discussion also. 

    I loved following Marvel this past 11 years from marvel till endgame. the storytelling and the action sequence was great and while dc might try, it would be hard to beat avengers endgame. 

    i advice anyone who has not seen the previous movies to do so as it makes a greater enjoyment for endgame.

    • SkyPath

      You right, DC is now making a great movie also, but to be honest, it is a far, far away with Marvel, the later 10 or 20 years, Marvel will still stand up that high, Endgame really making Marvel to another level, tough to beat.

      Yes, the best way to watch a sequel movie is to review all the movie as you can, and of course, if you don’t have much time to watch every movie, the two movies down below are the most important movies you must see before watch Endgame!

      Thank you so much!

  • SIlkySoso

    The movie was great, no matter if you’re a Marvel fan or not. It’s true though, if you haven’t seen the other movies that basically lead up to Avengers: Endgame you can truly grasp it. 

    But yeah, in the end, it’s all about the money and oh boy, they sure hit the jackpot with Endgame. Especially since the first part was such a cliffhanger. 

    I personally enjoyed it and I think it was well made and the cast was awesome.

    • SkyPath

      It is a great movie if you haven’t seen any other movie, but the tension and motivation will not enough for sure, at this point, Infinity Wars will much better than Endgame because that’s many fight scenes that you don’t need to understand that much, Endgame has too many easter eggs for old fans, that’s why I said it also a disadvantage.

      Thank you!

  • supportcme

    Nice theme, well avengers is awesome movie which I love to  see it again and again, the background is nice and Thanos did a great character it is the best character than the iron man and captain america because I am Villain fan and love villains more than heroes. The thanos character is equal to the joker in dark knight such a great role. 

    • SkyPath

      I get it! Sometimes is because of an outsanding villain so we can get an outstanding superhero and great movie, Thanos will live as one of the greatest villains of all time! Have a great motivation and power.

  • Gomer

    I’m bored with my office work, so in my idle time I go online to watch movies. It surprised me to see videos of Avengers that I can watch for free in sites like Flixtor’s Free Streaming Movies and I am not sure if the producers of this movie is aware of that piracy. Or, maybe I am wrong that it is not pirated. What do you think are the videos that are available to watch in Flixtor? Are they legal and okay to watch? Or, should I buy instead at Amazon even though it is a bit more expensive?

    And yes, I checked it again, it’s available in the site, the Avengers Endgame.

    • SkyPath

      I never heard about Flixtor, so I google it, I think it is a website without official permission, but I saw many of the people will watch movie or TV series on Flixtor, this website is a little bit controversial, so I suggest that if you think Amazon is too expensive, you can go to the cinema to watch Endgame! I’m sure it still on the line.

  • Thomas

    Ahh the cinema. Movies are great. Even though times change, it still is nice to see people relating their passions of their heart and soul. Being that they have changed, from the drive-in’s, oh…those were really cool, and nowadays not so much the theatre due to at home technology, still hold the audience in a gripping manor. Most everyone likes the hero to win, but every now and then the villain eludes and leaves the possibility for a sequel. A nice wide range of variety of movies with a colorfully enhanced website this is. 

    • SkyPath

      Thank you so much! Hope my review helps you! The villain has already become very important in a superhero movie, they will have their own sequel because of the attraction of them are not less than a superhero!

  • Gwendolyn J

    I am a lifelong, die-hard Marvel fan.
    I grew up reading the comics and watching the various cartoons on TV over the years -even as an adult. I love a good superhero movie and Marvel is not only good, it is *great*.

    I happen to enjoy DC as well. I didn’t read as many of their comics, but I have always loved Superman & Batman specifically and their varied love interests, villains and sidekicks.

    I have watched the Marvel universe since the first installments of the Hulk, and I have to say, after all these years, Endgame ties it all up nicely. It is inspiring, uplifting and heartbreaking. And pretty doggone funny besides.

    I love the scene when Tony figures out time travel and tells his daughter, “I got s*** to do.” How appropriate for Baby Stark to bribe her way into a treat.

    My son went to see the movie the week before my husband took me to see it for Mother’s Day. All I wanted was to see this movie in the theater!

    Endgame is a masterpiece over a decade in the making. It makes Marvel fans proud and also makes us hope the journey is not over!

    Mastermind Stan Lee has gifted us with an unrivaled treasure.
    MMM (Make Mine Marvel) always.
    I loved it 3000.

    Gwendolyn J

    • SkyPath

      Yes, the scenes between Stark and his daughter is so cute! You have a best choise! It is the best way to watch this movie on cinema, we will see more and more Marvel movie in the future!

      You right, thank you Stan Lee, and every actor and director of Marvel movie, bring us one of the greatest movie, and change the Hollywood!

      And thank you for Your opinion!

  • jacobs2

    I saw Avengers Endgame and for me, it’s a better movie than Titanic and Avatar. 3 hours seems
    long but is not an issue as the film takes you through different actions end you never think about the length. 

    I agree with you that ideally, you should have seen all of the other films before or at least some films. Whitout that experience I think that looking to the movie Avengers Endgame would have been the other experience. 

    Having seen a lot of the 21 films as you say it, the two films you selected are a great choice. Avengers Infinity War and Marvel’s Captain America are must-see movies.

    • SkyPath

      Yes, because the birth of this movie is because the other 21 movies, if isn’t this 21 movies, we won’t see Endgame on this day, so the best way to enjoy Endgame is to understand everything of MCU.

      Also, the two movie I suggest, if you just only can watch one of them, and of course, you must watch Infinity War!

      Thank you so much!

  • Riaz Shah

    I wish we live in the Marvel world! The movie and its series gave me chills, I think they did a marvelous job with everything and I love how wonderful their cast is because throughout the series, nobody left and it’s all same faces – Tony, thor, Dr Strange etc. 

    Great planning led by a great director with an amazing unsuspecting storyline. A lot of work has been put to making it possible (It took many years!) and the ending left a hole in my heart. I think they definitely managed to convert a lot of non-believers into Marvel super fans. Have I mentioned how I love the movie? Great movie, truly superb. That being said, do they have any plans on what Marvel will release next besides Spiderman?

    • SkyPath

      Me too, the reason assembly movie is so great is because every actor is the same person, yes, I guess after Endgame, the Marvel fan is growing up quickly!

      And for now, Marvel has been said the sequel of Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy, and also we will have a TV series of Scarlet Witch and Vision, Loki, The Winter Soldier, and Black Widow, all of this Marvel called “MCU Phase 4”, and not just these, we will also have a new superhero from the Marvel in the near future!

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