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Captain Marvel Review, New Type of Marvel

Actually, I have a little hesitant with I should write this article or not, in the end, I still hope everyone knows my real thought, after all, I shouldn’t keep something for you, and this is what I love, I can’t find any reason to violate it.

Everyone knows I won’t rate to “Movie” or “Game”, because I think the rating is pointless for those of you who is watching the movie, instead, it will affect your opinion a lot when watching the movie. If you wanna know the score, I think something like Rotten tomato those audience scores for a well-known website, should be closer to reality more.

Overall, I think “Captain Marvel” is rated 6/10 movie, it didn’t good as you thought, but I think there are many factors to let it not that great. Next, I will discuss my point of view, there won’t be any spoilers, any comments are welcome to discuss with me, that is what I like to see!

The Marvel Different From the Past

If you already have seen this movie, then I should not have to describe more in this part, I believe everybody can see the clue. If you haven’t watched this movie yet, I think this movie is Marvel want to use a new type to interpretation a superhero, that means Its plot structure jumps off the structure before.

Then you might ask: “Is that “jumps off” very bad?”

In fact, I think this is the reason some people think this movie is not good, just because it jumps off Marvel’s framework for superheroes, on the other hand, it also jumps off every superhero movies before, so that it must look different from you think, but good or bad is for different people.

Why does Marvel want to be so risky? Especially in the situation when Captain Marvel is such an important character. In fact, such a question already revealed the answer, just because it is so important so it can more to try.

I think “Captain Marvel” is a risky or dangerous action for Marvel. If successful, it was like shooting a 3 point plus one free throw, is amazing play, If it fails, next shot (Avengers 4) just need to dunk, it is still at the stage of superiority.

Next, is because right now is a heyday of Marvel, after “Avengers 3”, “Captain Marvel” was highly anticipated, and that’s the best opportunity to test a new way to film a superhero movie. First, is it will many people paying the bill, they can clearly know everyone’s reaction so that they can use this method or not in the future after analysis.

Second, I’m saying the realistic thing, “Captain Marvel” is not good, you still need to watch it, because it is an important part of Marvel. I don’ think Marvel shouldn’t do this because they really take risks creating “Captain Marvel”.

Drama-Tension Slightly Insufficient

After all, Marvel is a big series movie, so it is hard to not compare others Marvel movies, now here is the question, this movie obviously not enough to shake people’s hearts in my mind, or caught my attention.

In the movie, we can feel the huge power of Captain Marvel, but the disappointing thing is it actually can be more powerful. From another angle, “Captain Marvel” was like only for “Avengers 4” to introduce “Captain Marvel” born.

Of course, re-emphasizing these views is my personal argument.

I don’t think I am amazed by the fight scenes, the plot arrangement did not shape the complete personality of the character. We all know how great of Marvel in this point, that is to use the temperament of the actor itself to set off the characteristics of the hero, that’s make Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron man looks so appropriate, but if you want to find this point on Captain Marvel, I am afraid it is difficult.

Can we see her growth? Yes. Can we see her change? Yes.

But this process will not let you invest in feelings, only just to let you understand.

Implied Meaning

Actually, this movie mentioned several issues, such as women’s equal rights, anonymous culture, etc. But it is a pity that every issue wasn’t talked too much, and it won’t make you generate a reflective emotion, overall, you can say “Captain Marvel” is a movie has huge intentions, but there is still room for improvement.

Let’s talk about female equal rights first, in the plot and Captain Marvel itself we can already know, Marvel wants to build a superhero that can attract female fans. I don’t want to say that, but “Black Panther” has a similar purpose, it is both a great reflection and a business method.

Another one is the Skrull that can change the appearance in the movie, it actually also represents the issue about the internet. Because everyone can be like Skrull on the internet, always can do what you want to do when everyone doesn’t know who you are, but the opposite, there are also some kind people who can’t see the real face on the Internet.

It reminds us before we deep understanding of others or an event, never, I mean never make an overly extreme statement, because that would make you look ignorant and reckless!

I didn’t spend a lot of time explaining these issues, because it only talks a few about these issues in the movie, It did not inspire more of my feelings, this is a pity part. Or maybe the movie not very attractive to me leads to the things that are attached to it are also less valuable.

“She” is Highly Anticipated

But said so many criticisms, we also need to talk about some objective ideas. Everyone knows “Captain Marvel” representing the emergence of the new leader of the Avengers, it means she goes replace Captain America and Iron Man, Can you imagine how hard it is?

Iron Man has had an unassailable position in my heart for many years, but we still need to admit Marvel universe coming to the next era, at the same time, the old Avengers will be slowly replaced, replace it with a newer, stronger superheroes, This is also one of the pressures of Captain Marvel.

Next, as I said before, it is the heyday of Marvel, that means success or failure of Avengers 4, will strongly affect all fans of Marvel. And Captain Marvel is such an important character in Avengers 4, It can be imagined that the success or failure of this film will be much discussion.

We can actually say that in other words, Marvel maybe really messed up, or use another way to attract attention. But I still don’t think this movie is bad, It’s just not so good for me, but I also will try to think, maybe is the reason I have high expectations for it.

Just because it doesn’t reach the high expectation of what we thought, so we will easy to overlook some original nice details. Overall, I won’t say that this film is not worth watching, I saw some critics feel some scenes was bored, But I think that you are not satisfied during the movie, so it leads to these reasons.

In other words, you have already preset the position of this movie, then you will not be objective enough on the information you receive next. This is also a pity point, “Captain Marvel” has many points absolute can be better, but it is not that bad and not that good.

If you are a Marvel fan, I believe recommended or not recommended have nothing to do with whether you watch or not, after all, “Captain Marvel” still must watch, And I hope that everyone will come to the discussion after watching the movie.

And if you haven’t watched yet, I suggest that after reading my review or some negative news, don’t make preconceived judgments first, give yourself a chance, go and enjoy the movie, and recall after one or two hours after watching, the feedback to you at that time is the most real!


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  • Ivan Brozincevic

    To throw this one out first. Did you know that Sweeden has introduced and accepted the law which states that all employers, including the government itself, have to employ people in 50:50 ration? Half of the staff is male, and the other half is female. It’s a pretty cool law.

    Now, about the movie. I’m starting to like the whole shebang that is created around those movies. All of them send a strong message to younger generations as well as to us who are already mentally mature. Black Panther was an inspiring movie to see. I bet this one is the same! There is too many of them so it can be hard to catch up with all.

    I like the whole idea behind empowering women because they fight less than us testosterone raging creatures. We in Croatia have elected a woman for our president. Colinda Kitarovic is doing an excellent job to bring back my country from the rock bottom. It’s going to be a tough job to fix everything that men before her have managed to destroy over the last 20-30 years of ‘managing.’ However, I believe in her.

    Great review of the movie.
    I am looking forward to seeing Captain Marvel in action.

    All the best,

    • SkyPath

      Thanks for the sharing! That’ really really cool law, I never heard that before, I think your president doing very well! Thank you so much! Hope you can watch “Captain Marvel” soon!

  • Buck


    I really appreciate your thoughts and view of the film. I checked it out and I ended up liking it a lot. Looks like it had a pretty great opening weekend too, so that’s awesome for Marvel. I was hoping that it would do well and it definitely has so far. It was absolutely different from other Marvel endeavors, but I thought that was pretty cool.

    Thanks for sharing your review! Cheers! 

  • ajibola40

    A very nice review on captain marvel .i must say thank you to you for most of your reviews.lately I usually look out for your review before buying any movie. Because most of all your movie you recommend in the past a good movies 

    Looking at captain marvel, although I have not watch the movie before but I feel the huge to do some when I have the time

    • SkyPath

      Thank you so much, It is a huge honor to hear that, I always hope my reviews can help some people to pick they want to watch or not, after you said that, I really appreciate it! Hope you can keep supporting us! We will keep going!

  • Ola

    I read your review about aquaman movie some days ago which was highly fascinating and intriguing to read. I jave been waiting to see the captain marvel review and I appreciate the fact that I met what I was expecting.  This is one of the movies that inspired me alot after watching; Captain marvelnis such a risky and dangerous action which is what I love about him.

    I hope to see action movies like this from the producer in the future.

    Thanks for sharing

  • jaykaynigltd

    This is a great review.

    “Captain Marvel” is a fairly paint-by-the-numbers superhero flick, but that doesn’t lessen its powerful impact.There’s a fundamental dissonance between the depth of her plight and the shallow disorganization of the script.As a Nick Fury buddy comedy, it’s fun. As a feminist fable it’s essential. This takes a while to really get going, but when Carol Danvers takes off she is unstoppable.

    all in all it’s an average.

  • Ron

    I’m sure this would have been a great review if it didn’t present itself as a rework of someone else’s review. I found that a lot of words were not becked up properly, therefore full sentence structure was not intact. The presentation is very nice. The background color is great with the white print. Also the excerpt visuals were very nicely presented making for a very nice looking site. My conclusion. Original or reworked, be very careful to complete your sentence so all makes sense and you should have a winner.

    • SkyPath

      Thank you for the great suggestion! Because our process is one to write an article with Chinese, another one do the translation, we will keep improving! Thanks again!

  • Yormith96

    Well, just like you have said your review will still not decide or recommend for people who are lovers of avenger whether or not to watch it but let me say, I love truly your unbiased submissions about captain marvel and let me you have said a lot truthful things about the character of the captain marvel. As a lover avengers, I will say I agree with virtually all you said here but we hoping to see a change in captain marvel apparently if marvel are aware of what we all, noticed. Those who has not seen the avengers can go ahead, am sure they also noticed some of the things u have said about, captain marvel 

    • SkyPath

      Thank you, indeed, for those of people who watched many of Marvel’s movies already, they will is limited on the same angle, so I agree with what you said.

  • Ayodeji

    This one of the movies I’ve been anticipating to add to my Marvel movies collection I’ve been keeping for years now. Can deny the powers that Captain Marvel possessed is way cooler than some marvel characters in my opinion though, one of these abilities is She developed a cosmic awareness and precognition that allowed her to sense danger before a crisis even started (spiderman have this too and its called sixth sense). According to her comic character She was able to manipulate energy in even more ways. Her Binary powers allowed her to not only manipulate and absorb energy, but also generate it. This gave her full control over stellar energies such as heat, light, and radiation.

    • SkyPath

      She really has a cool power and shows how powerful she is in the movie, but sometimes she doesn’t look that strong in the movie.

  • Gracen

    Talking about women’s equal right, I must say that truly the Captain Marvel has great intentions of making women count in action movies irrespective of the fact whether the issues were well talked about or not, the most important thing like you said, is trying to make women belong as well. I haven’t watched the movie yet, but I must say that it will be trilling to watch. And I will definitely not allow negative news to make me become biased in judging the movie. Just like you suggested, I will give myself a chance to watch and enjoy the movie then, I will make my own judgment.

  • Fortune

    The review is breathtaking, I really like it. I am intrigued by the character description of captain Marcel, the review speaks highly of the movie but it can never compared with having the experience by watching the movie and I love it being that a female is the protagonist. It is not too costly and it is affordable, I will make an order for the movie now. Thanks. 

  • Samm

    Hello SkypathThanks a lot for the very thorough and comperehensice review on Captain Marvel’s movie. I have not yet watch the movie but will do end of this month. I really look up for Captain Marvel since everyone is saying she is going to defeat Thanos :)By the way, Thanks for taking your time to put all these together. I really enjoy it. CheersRegards,Samm

    • SkyPath

      Thank you very much, yes, she will be the biggest factor in Avengers: Endgame, it is a movie you must watch if you are an Avengers fan!

  • Chanelle

    Thank you for sharing this article, I have never heard of this movie and really do not watch the “super hero” movies but I may watch this one just because it is targeting the female audience. Curious to see if it is any good 🙂

  • Rahye

    No I am really looking forward to watching this movie, I appreciate your unbiased view of the review. I don’t quite understand how she is going to replace Iron Man.

    I need to watch this to give my own score, at least I know what to expect now in the movie. Thanks to you.

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