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Forrest Gump Movie Review, Life Was Like a Box of Chocolates


Forrest Gump” was always considered to be Inspirational movie, it describes every excitation of Gump’s life, process was twisted and unexpected, his looks like a fool but his life was way brilliant than most of the people, is it kind of encourage or just irony? Today, I’m gonna explore this issue.

Inspirational Movie?

Many people after watch this movie, they review is nothing more than this is an inspirational movie, after all, even Gump can do it, why we can’t? Is because we not stick to it so hard? Or just because we are too “smart”?

Let’s say this, plentiful life of Gump comes from his never resistance his life, his accepts everything and do the best of it, this is hard to accept for normal people, why? Because we always think more than action, we always worried about the result

of the thing before starting, even they not yet happen.

But it is different for Gump, just because of “fool” so his always accepts everything, accept all possibilities around his side, and these possibilities all turns to success in the end, and turn into glory and money. Even until the end many of the people still think his is a joke, and this joke yet lived a life they dream about it in a whole life.

I think the inspirational point in this movie is the “perseverance” of Gump, or we can say it is the “foolish” that doesn’t care about anything? Maybe you still doubt when you read this article, why this kind of the people will success? I guess is maybe because when the time you are worried thing or choice thing, he is already right front of you.

And you, you still too “smart”!


But I also saw the dark side of this movie, let’s see Jenny, who have a strong connect and compared with Gump since the beginning, she is the first love of Gump, and the love of life, they are not that suitable for each other, but still, they are the best friend and lover.

Let’s in turn and thinking, Jenny have a dream, she can do everything she can to complete her dream, even stripped clothes just because she can get the opportunity to performance, until later she starts drug, and have a thought of suicide. We take a look these two first and last, don’t you feel ironic?

Most of the people have a dream like Jenny, we all covered in wounds just because we wanna achieve dream, until exhausted and when we look back and find out we all had fallen, and that dream slowly die with yourself and time. But, what about Gump? he doesn’t have a goal in his life, but he relies on luck and talent, which the two we can’t receive even when we work hard, and has achieved huge success, he didn’t unconscious that he has the thing that most of the people want:

Fame and money.

The person who pursues both are broken, but the man with unintentional just wins fame and fortune?

That’s a lot of different by the world we know, but there are too many case shows the things like that are existed. Life unlike game, you won’t get feedback even you work very hard sometimes, in the end, you are torn by your dream, and the man who reach your dreams just tell you: “I didn’t expect that happen.”

Sometimes luck and talent are more important than work hard, the life you perseverance, didn’t perseverance you.

The most impressive to me is the line of Gump in the latter half of movie, he said: “If we each have a destiny, or if we’re all just floating around accidental-like on a breeze… But I think, maybe it’s both. Maybe both is happening at the same time.”

“Fate” and “Random”? Former are god’s giving, the latter are the law of all things, but they also representative same thing, and that is “The things we can’t grasp”, so maybe now you can understand what story they tell in “Forrest Gump” , and how to watch this movie.

Life Was Like a Box of Chocolates

In fact, the entire “Forrest Gump” is Gump tells the story about himself while most importantly tell the story about the people around Gump, that’s the essence of this movie. By the experience of Gump to compared with the other people, like colour television compared with black and white television.

It keeps telling how unpredictable this life can be, and unable to master.

Everybody always complain they life, complain they can’t get somethings, in the end, they degraded into what they could not imagine before, totally forget how the dream looks like at the first place. Gump keeps instilling a concept to them, “Maybe everything is not that bad?” Just because this kind of opinion, it saved Jenny and Lieutenant Daniel Taylor.

That’s right! You can all blame Gump, said his never been through such an awful thing. Yes! You can blame how he

knows what I’m thinking basis by his IQ?

But like what’s he said in the beginning, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”, If it is like this, that why are you Immerse yourself in sadness or regret? Today you had the most bitter chocolate in this box, that you gonna give up this box?

If life likes the feather at the beginning and the end, always drifting with the wind, that how do you make sure next time you will fail or not? Enjoy your life! Because it is so unpredictable, although it has a bitter taste but also have a taste of chocolate.


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  • Raul

    I love the page, I’m gonna put in my favorites bar!!
    What about a review of “The Departed”. This is a great movie with a lot of juice in it. Undoubtedly the best movie of all times!!!

  • Lan

    Never heard about this movie before. Based the images it’s like an old movie, can you kindly tell me what year this movie released. it sounds interesting.

    • SkyPath

      It released in 1994, and accepted as one of the greatest movie of all time, right now, it has a HD version like the link down below, so even this is an old movie, but that still has high quality!

  • Matt's Mom

    One of my all time favorite movies. And who could forget that line, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” I will never forget that phrase from the movie, so true too. I might just have to get the movie. Just set up a new TV in my bedroom, and watching some favorite movies on a cold day would be wonderful!

    • SkyPath

      You right! That also one of my favorite movies too! he talk about so many things about how to live your life, i watch so many times, and every single time i have a new understanding, especially when i grow up.
      Have a great day!

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