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Frequency Movie Review, Cherish The One Who Loves you

Frequency is a Science fiction thriller movie released on 2000, I have a deep impression after watching this movie when I was a kid, I replay this movie these few days, the plot still very compact! This is one of my favorite movies of all time, the story was about because of the sunspot appear on earth for the first time in 30 years, makes the father and son on different time and space can reunion by using the radio and slowly changing the surrounding things.

The content of the movie is really interesting, the screen editing is very smooth, you can very easy to enjoy the reaction of father and son on different time and space! Dennis Quaid is one of my favorite, His “A Dog’s Purpose ” and “I Can Only lmagine” in these two years are wins my tear 🙁 , really outstanding acting!

There are many movies related with time and space, this theme is pretty good to play, it leads to that “Travel through time” movies are a pile up like a mountain, but I will say there still will be a bright performance between the stars! It will make people think:” It might be work with that!”.

The Butterfly Effect

Following when John realizes he used the radio through time and space, he tells Patrick the way to change his faith. These effects make Patrick survive, however, it leads to another serial murderer.

Many people are already heard about “The Butterfly Effect”, for those of you who don’t know, let me give you an example! If there has a butterfly gently patted the wings in a small plain of Brazil, it might result in the tornado on Texas a few weeks later.

It means even it is a small change, might cause the huge change, that is “the butterfly effect”. you will see this situation everywhere in your life, you can imagine “Present yourself as a tornado, and your previous lifestyle as a butterfly, you can understand what I mean!

This is the concept of this movie, little change implicated many possibilities, and this kind of thing are reminded to us that we need to be cautious, so as not to let things rolling big like a snowball and unable to clean up in the end.

In Chinese, there has a word called: “Do not do evil things though they may be insignificant. Do not give up good things though they may be minor matters.”

It also means what kind of people you want to be, you need to do the thing you need to do, and naturally, you will become what you want to be!

The Horrible of “Be used to”

The one of the main of the movie the relationship between Patrick and John, even they in the different time and space and only using the radio to dialogue, they still rely on various proofs and talks to trust each other, I think family is the only thing can do that besides the love.

When you are a child, you won’t think about your family, after all, they are so normal, love your father and mother and maybe the brothers and sisters who have fun with you, you be used to all of them. When you grow up, some people had left in your family, at the time, you would remember them as your “family”.

And they are the reason what you born on this earth, and most close exist, following you grow up and mixed in your life experience. But most of the people always “Be used to”, this word is so easy and so scary.

That also happens in lovers, you always think there is no “fresh feeling”, so you start search new object, and the people always can make you be used to happiness, will be the boy/girl that you regret a whole life, and when you turn back, they are already gone.

“Regret” is the Most Useless Thing

Because John saved his father, it leads to a serial murderer, even has some relation with this murderer in the end. In fact, he never thought his own behavior will make his time and space disorder, if plus the “Butterfly Effect”, it is unpredictable that there are maybe happen something even worst.

I said that before, the movie can make your thinking is a great movie! It is very enviable that you can travel through time and change your life! But unfortunately, nobody will have this opportunity, even ask some people if they have an opportunity to do this, most of the people reaction is making money.

In fact, the thing you want to change when you travel through time, it will always a relationship or an important choice in your life, but we not the god and we don’t have time Machine, we can’t predict the future, so of course, we will make those choices.

But this select always is because you get control by your mood, anger or fear? They can really strongly change your life, they are the strongest mood of humans, we let nature take its course, but you need to think the reason it happens. And the choice we make whether get control by mood or not!

Mood can help you understand the problem, but can’t help you solve the problem.

Remember, when the time you feel regret, it always already unrecoverable.

Cherish the Present

Time is important than money, even Bill Gates can’t buy a time that already passed. Life is unpredictable, because of that, so we need to cherish the present, cherish the people who love you.

If you have not yet established a family then please get up with your parents good, because raise you to grow up was a tough thing! If you have established a family, then please treat it well your companion and your children, because they will follow You till the end of your life.

No matter is family or love or friendship, please cherish all of them, they are the 0.000000001% who loves you and trust you in the nearly 7.7 billion people, they are in this endless universe, that can get in touch with each other souls with You.

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  • Shaun Doust

    Wow, this is a fantastic site, It brings back a lot of good memories.
    It is beautifully set out and colorful.
    The reviews are fantastic, they make one think more about the movie and then we find the inspiration to go and watch again. Thank you for bringing back such good memories. Keep up the good work.

    • SkyPath

      Thank you so much! That’s the reason I do this! I hope the one life you who watch the movie before, and you see my review and bring some memories back, I also hope the one who doesn’t watch the movie before can watch because of my review and want to watch, I really want to see other people’s thought about the movie! It is an honor to makes you have some memories!

  • Jeffrey Meadows

    Holy cow I haven’t thought about that movie in years and years. It is one I need to watch again because it is a truly amazing story. I cannot believe people are able to come up with concepts like this and tell a story so well.

    I also like Dennis Quaid a lot. I really like him in the movie Inner Space with Meg Ryan.

    • SkyPath

      Thank you very much!If you don’t remember the plot I hope you can watch it again! Very impressive to me, And I not seen “Inner Space” yet, I guess I will find some time to watch it! Thank you!

    • SkyPath

      Thank you! I hope you can learn something when you watch the movie, for me, it gives me much thought, maybe you will find out new thoughts about yourself when you watch it!

  • stefanie taylor

    Oh wow, what a great review! You really have gone in-depth about this movie and it’s obviously a film that has had a great impact on you. It’s strange I have never seen it as I am really into watching films like this. It is on my list, and it’s good to know I can get it on Amazon.

    I also learnt something new from this post as I have heard of ‘the butterfly effect’ but never knew what it meant. What a wonderful meaning it has, and just goes to show how every little action, no matter how small, can have a massive reaction.

    • SkyPath

      Thank you! Yes, this movie kind of underrated, It not that popular, I am very glad to hear you say that, it is an honor if someone learns something on my article, Thanks again!

  • Jen

    I’m such a movie buff, and i love this post. you created a great review. You know what movie you should do, I would love to read what you have to say about Face-off. That was like one of my favorite movies and it seems like the kind of movie you could write a great review on. Keep me posted.

    • SkyPath

      I have seen Face-off when I was a kid, I kind of forget what the plot is, thank you for this suggestion, I will watch this movie in these few weeks!

  • Lynn

    This is great! This is such a great movie. I haven’t watched it in such a long time. You really made me think about what this movie is all about. You are so right about family. Family is so much more important than anything else. It is important to appreciate what you have and spend time with them and just love them. Life is so short you just don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Thank you for this review. I will be watching this again real soon!!!

    • SkyPath

      Thank you! Family is always in your back no matter what, don’t be used to that, we need to cherish them, thank you! really hope you can watch this by yourself! It is a great movie that will inspire you!

  • Thais Gomez

    I haven’t seen this movie but now I’m going to watch it. You have given here a good analysis of the characters and the lessons to be learned with the movie. So now when I watch it I am going to be more concentrated and engaged in the story to see those relationships between the characters and time. You are absolutely right, time is so precious and we tend to waste it in unnecessary things. It is a good reminder to be present for the important things in live. Thanks for such a great review! I also like Dennis Quaid so much, he’s such a good actor.

    • SkyPath

      Thank you so much! Time is priceless, hope you have a new thought after you watch this movie! Dennis Quair is a really great actor, I almost watch his every movie!

  • Lydia

    Great work,
    You have really analysed the movie very well and really explained the importance of time and family. I haven’t watched this movie before but from reading this post I can understand what its all about and would love watching it. thanks for sharing.

  • John

    I have seen the other two movies with Dennis Quaid in them, I have not seen the Frequency one. You have sparked my attention that this is a movie that I should put on my short list to watch.
    The fact that you cannot buy time is a great metaphor, you can only go forward.

    • SkyPath

      Thank you! This movie is one of the best movies in Dennis Quaid career at least for me, I learn these things in this movie, time is everything, don’t let them easy passed by.

  • Nick

    Wow this movie sounds fantastic, and I’ll definitely be checking it out soon! I do not watch many movies because I dread wasting a couple hours on something that I don’t find enjoyable, so these reviews are really helpful. Thank you!

    • SkyPath

      Thank you! Great movie will definitely not waste your time! Because it will be very fun and meaningful, sometimes, movie even will change your life!

  • Nate

    Hi Skypath,

    I remember watching this film when it first came out on Sky movies (I live in the UK) I was a teenager at the time and thought it was a clever concept. I must admit I’ve never thought about it as deeply as you’ve covered in your review here. I’m not a massive “science fiction fan but recommend everyone watches this, it’s an intriguing and entertaining watch.

    • SkyPath

      Thank you, I was watch this movie when I was a kid too! I have never think too much when I was a kid, some movie will give you absolutely different feeling when you watch at different age!

  • Donna Kennedy

    Wow! Very good information on these movies. I have seen the Butterfly Effect. It was a great movie. After reading your information, now I want to watch it again!

    Love the colors and layout of your website. Easy to navigate and read.

    Thanks for the information on the movies.
    Donna Kennedy

  • Carlos Spells

    Let me just say that I have never heard of this movie buttttttt now I want to watch it. Lol. I would be interested to hear your take and Chinese philosophy on the movie Inception by Mr DiCaprio. Randy Quad is definitely a great actor so any movie he is a part of automatically seems to be a good one to me.

    In any event, keep reviewing. I am also following you on IG too.

    black n keto

    • SkyPath

      Actually, in Chinese philosophy, everything in dreams have they meaning, every situation represents the different meaning, sometimes, some people will believe the dream was they past life memory, I don’t know about Randy Quaid, but I will watch his movies some day! Thank you so much! My IG will keep putting some movie news and game news! Thanks a lot!

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