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Green Book Movie Reviews, Are You Really Friendly?

“Get Out” is the horror film to describe the “Racial Discrimination”, and it did work. “Racial Discrimination” is the thing people still will likely discuss today, so much so that many art work or an artist will participate this issue, and today, this movie “Green Book” will use another angle to discuss race itself.

  • l 91st Academy Award for Best Picture
  • l 91st Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay
  • l 91st Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role

As a winning movie, it won’t miss the part of “Politically correct”, but please don’t misunderstand me, just these type of the movie was always hard to not win any awards. I just quite curious the opinion of these judges, is they because of the audience so they change another comment method? Or is because that’s also “discrimination” if we don’t let these movies won any awards?

I know that’s very controversial, but that’s why I’m gonna review.

This movie not just about white people and black people, it also includes Italians, Asians, Indians and on and on, it presents most of the people’s stereotype, you say you didn’t realize? Think this movie just describe the dilemma of black people? I think you have kind of discrimination!

The Story is about in the 60s, an Italian white person named Tony who had driving garbage truck and working at the bar before, because of his physical strength, he always can deal some dispute, therefore he employed by a black pianist, Shirley, and becomes his bodyguard and assist him in performing. And Tony, who has always discrimination black people, and Shirley, who has high society etiquette, these two men start they 8 weeks journey.

What They Looks Like?

From the beginning of this movie, every supporting role, include Tony, they are all dissemination “the way it looks like”, I think the purpose is to irony everyone’s opinion. I believe most people can smile on there because after all, that just a movie, but it will be different if these words come from other people’s mouth… very strange huh?

Same as Shirley, the perfect etiquette to conform his pianist’s identity, is also to irony the people dissemination to the black people, and “Green Book” choose the funny way to present it. On one hand is to relieve the feeling of people, on the other hand, is also let people know, that will become a joke in that situation.

There are had two scenes in the story that to do more powerful irony, one is when Tony just get off the road for WC, he goes back to the car to take the wallet, one is when no one pays attention to Tony, he just take a green stone and put it in his pocket just because green stone drop on the floor.

That just like a sword and insert vigorously to many people’s heart, the thing we “dissemination”, if is our doing, then there is no problem? That’s also tell us people can’t be seen, nobody no one is born to be like.


‘You never win with violence. You only win when you maintain your dignity.’

– Don Shirley (Green Book)

That’s my top 5 good sentences in the movies of all time. This sentence showing to us not just about inclusive, it also means supreme wisdom. I think violence is still rampant even in modern day, Tony showing the way to solve things for modern people, fist or gun.

Violence always brings more violence, it never solves a problem at all, I even can bold to say, some people be deliberately let you use the violence, so they can put the indelible crime on you. It is same when that use on “dissemination”, only maintain your dignity so you can solve the problem.

I think that’s the lessons learned over time for Shirley, Because people always easy to incite by mood, resulting in it slowly deviation from the original starting point, and from the caring mood turn into the great anger, and starting the quarrel that unnecessary.

I can understand the mood like that, in my country, it has been happening similar things, and when people found out someone was intentional operation they’re mood, always is when they are already hurt so much, at that moment, you lost the quarrel and lost the dignity, and had already forgotten what you fight for.

Angel or Devil?

In the rain Shirley yelling to Tony: “The rich white people pay me to play piano for them, because that makes them feel culture, but as soon as I step off that stage, I go right there being just another N***a for them.”

This scene is the same concept as what I question to the judges, I have no intention to offend, but this scene just makes me think. I’m not an American, but in fact I’m not surprised when Trump be elected in 2016, Because I believe most people still has the old concept.

You can search for a large number videos about “Racial discrimination”, that’s sufficient let you know it still has the people like that in 2019. And the more people care about it, it just like a virus keeps spread on the internet and life.

I also believe that it has a person who fully believes in world peace, they will appear in those “Racial discrimination” video as a hero, just, how many people like that? And you are really wanted to protect the people who hurt, or you just wanna be a hero?

My thoughts maybe have a little dark, but after you watch this movie, you will realize how disgusting people can be, and they won’t realize they disgusting.

The Courage of Change

“Genius is not enough, it takes courage to change people’s heart”

– Oleg (Green Book)

We all need the courage of change, that’s the most respectable point of all the great people in the world……….ant that is, “make change”.

“Make change” was like shouting at the fine dining restaurant, my metaphor maybe kind of funny but very appropriate. In the era of the time, it definitely has many people keep pace with Shirley, but the people who are willing to stand up are very few.

Even some children are limited in ability before they have done it, I can’t imagine in that age, those kids who has dream, how they accept forced to let the era eliminate and not even have qualifications to work hard.

For my opinion, people will repel others, think about when you at the company or school, you always have some people you like, some people you don’t like, Isn’t that a form of discrimination? This not a big deal if you have “special vision” for some people, but be sure you already fully understand that person.

I guess this movie is seek a pure peace, with my article going to come to an end, now I have a little change on my opinion.

I think maybe the judges are want to be the guy who “trying to make a change”, Maybe this kind of the movie needs to promotion by this kind of the way, that’s will make more people can see the true meaning of peace, also the respect between people.

Like what I said, if I can change my mind for the judges in the short article, why can’t you?

at last, I recommend everyone to watch this movie, this is

The lesson you should take.


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  • Ivan Brozincevic

    Thanks for a great review. Racial, national, social, and all other types of discriminations are and will be the problem of the world forever. We are 7.53 billion souls sharing the same place to live. Can you imagine how many different yet the same people live simultaneously on Earth? Also, as long as at least one person is pointing out on differences, other like-minded will follow. Anyway, looks like a good movie worth of my time. This is the second recommendation this month. It means it is time to see what’s up with it. Ivan

    • SkyPath

      Thank you very much, yes, discrimination is a big problem of this world, and in fact, it is hard to change, I really agree what you said, people like to pick the different one, but actually, they just like us, thank you! Hope you will like this movie! I really recommend this very much!

  • Rahye

    I love your posts really, not the first time i am coming here and commenting, you add this suspense that makes a person want to watch the movie by all means. though i will not like to you i have the worst habit when it comes to watching movies, i have always lied on time.

    Sure, love this movies and i think what i got really is as you mentioned “You never win with violence. You only win when you maintain your dignity”

    I will have to reflect on that, thank you.

    • SkyPath

      Thank you very much, yes, violence won’t solve the problem, it just makes more violence, even you win by violence, that’s not the really win as a human, we need to maintain our dignity, that’s the best way to solve the problem! This movie let us reflect not just about racial discrimination, but also not to use violence solve any problem!

  • Amber

    Thanks for the great insight an review. I have not seen the movie and honestly the title wouldn’t direct me much on what the actual movie was about. I appreciate that you went into the details about the takeaways and depictions the movie is trying to portray. I will add this to my watch list. Thank you!

    • SkyPath

      Thank you, if you have some new thought about this movie after you watch it, hope you can tell me about it! I really want to know what’s your feeling about this movie!

  • Wealthfather

    This is another great review and its full of informations. I always enjoy reading all your reviews and this one is no exception because they are very helpful. This is the most extensive and comprehensive review i have read on green book movie.

    This is a movie i do watch over and over; It is intriguing and captivating. Discrimination has been on board for several years and it will be very hard to change it now.

    • SkyPath

      Thank you so much, It is an honor to hear what you said, thank you! Yes, discrimination is really hard to change, this movie really can watch so many time!

  • Kehinde Segun

    This is great post. I Don’t really know how you do it, but you’re a good writer because the way you always add suspense to it will make one to watch the movie it self. Believe me, Racial and National will continue to be the problem of the world because of our the huge population we have on earth. There will always a gap in difference and in view

    • SkyPath

      Thank you, I am truly thankful, this problem really hard to solve, the only way we can make it better is we don’t discrimination anyone on our own!

  • Ayodeji

    I have watched this movie and I must say, I have never been impressed by how Viggo Mortensen changed to like what he is used to hating as a racist. I am also inspired by the courage acted by Mahershala Ali even among the racist behaviours shoved in his path, he kept his head above the water. Viggo really turn out to be his angel I must say. The true life story is just too inspiring and also shed a bright spotlight on past racism. The movie really deserves every bit of award it get. 

    • SkyPath

      I like your opinion, and I was very happy after I know this story was a real-life story, that means people can change, this is not a movie, that’s the people can really do it!

  • ajibola40

    A nice review even if have not watch the movie yet.talking about discrimination. Effects of Discrimination  is Like the  abuse and bullying acts, there are effects and consequences and no one of the key note that will make me have  more interest you are talking about Violence always brings more violence, it never solves a problem at all,some people be deliberately let you use the violence, so they can put the indelible crime on get me curious about what really happened in the movie green book

    • SkyPath

      Thank you, you can watch this movie if you have interest! This is the true story in the 60s, but it talks about the issue we need to face in the future!

  • Olalekan

    Thanks for sharing this this review. I must say this is first time I will come across your post. Prejudice and discrimination will never end. Many tribe have been sidelined when it comes to relationships, job etc. I will have to watch this movie has the review has caught my attention. I hope racism stops eventually or reduced to lowest level in the world. Thanks for this post. 

    • SkyPath

      Thank you so much, indeed, I see so many times this happening in the company or school, people don’t like the people doesn’t look the same, that’s really a shame, hope you can watch this movie! Thanks again!

  • Tfousle

    Very good thorough review, I really enjoy these types of movies. It gives a slap of realism and how things are barely changing in today’s world. I enjoyed the movie “Get Out” even if it was more on the horror side, it still got out a message. I’m going to have to give this film a try.

    • SkyPath

      “Get Out” use horror side to expose the racial issue and “Green Book” use the funny way to do, you will have a very different feeling with these two movies, but the same is the horror of the human heart.

  • Paul

    Wow, thanks a lot for another helpful movie review and the timing of this review is amazing. As we all know this movie got Academy Awards and when I heard it, obviously I wanted to see the movie. As always I prefer to read some reviews and your reviews is special to me.

    ‘You never win with violence. You only win when you maintain your dignity.’ is an awesome quote and it made me to think a lot and does have a lot of in-depth meaning in it.

    After reading your thorough and detailed review I have taken great insights and now I realized Green Book is a must watch movie and its top on my list. 

    I really enjoyed the content and in the manner that you presented!

    Much Success!


    • SkyPath

      Thank you so much, this is why I review it, I hope people can understand that is this movie worth to watch or not, but most importantly, is the thing more valuable than the movie box office!

  • Matlhogonolo

    Wow, this was a beautiful review, I like the way that you have dissected the movie by topics.  Indeed when you search the internet you will still come across such people who are still discriminating others even in 2019.  You also raised an interesting question whether people who appear in videos helping those who are hurt whether it was genuine or just want to be a hero – great observation!  I believe such movies like this should be promoted to spread the message of hope for people to change.  I haven’t seen the movie but now I want to.  Thanks for the review.

    • SkyPath

      Thank you very much, yes, that happens on the internet all the time, I believe there are so many good people, but I also believe some people are hard to tell the truth, anyways, we hope everyone can get along with each other, and mutual understanding.

  • Anastazja

    I haven’t yet seen the movie “Green Book” so I was very interested in your review.  I appreciated the way you explained the characters by what they caused in the movie. I am sure that I would have seen this movie eventually, but your review has really piqued my interest.  I think that a website that reviews movies is practical and needed.  Trailers often do not give an accurate picture.  I am planning to read the other reviews you offer at this point.   I have bookmarked.  Although I am not a gamer, I have referred my son to the site for the section that reviews games.  I found the site well written and easy to navigate. 

    • SkyPath

      Thank you very much! It is an honor! We will keep going, and our game review will not too soon because it needs time to play the entire game, so it could not many as movies, but we will try our best to do it! Thank you for the supporting!

  • Thabo Khoza

    The green book movie already seems like a killer movie. I love the topic it discusses here.
    The best thing I like about this movies is the picture quality and no wonder it got the award for the best picture.
    Thank you for this review, It was helpful

    • SkyPath

      Thank you, indeed, this movie is a great textbook, remind modern day people the thing they must pay attention to, really worth to watch!

  • Sharon

    The real life family of these men came out today to say that they were never consulted about the events, and as a result there were many inaccuracies and the family isn’t happy at all. It sounds to me like the filmmakers were more interested in their own script they came up with than in making a true-to-life story. That’s not to say the movie is bad – I can’t say, I haven’t watched – but I don’t think I’d be able to watch it now without thinking about how the characters are very different from the real men they’re supposed to depict.

    • SkyPath

      Thank you for your information, I guess the movie needs to increase drama so sometimes it needs to increase the thing not happen in real-life, on the other hand, I received information about it is what Shirley asked for, so that’s why they didn’t consult with their family, but indeed, it will be causing trouble for his family.

      I will keep following this event, thank you for your reminder!

  • Md moinul Islam

    Hi , 

    I love Hollywood movies . There are loads of topics on which the movies are based . People get to know new things through the movies . There are people who make racial comments and judge them . The Green Book movie is a great way to open the eyes against racism . Because it’s actually about the whole race of human beings . The movie is great . 

    thanks for reminding

    • SkyPath

      Thank you, using the movie to make people understand the thing we need to pay attention to, that’s really good!

  • Tom


    I’ve not seen this film yet and thought I would check out the reviews before I did.

    A really good articulate and thorough review. Thanks for sharing.

    I will let you know what I think of the movie when I have been to see it.

    All the best,


  • Nathan Briggs

    Hi Skypath,

    Interesting review, I must admit I barely heard anything about Greenbook prior to the wins at the Oscars. It certainly sounds like it covers a lot of racial issues while still being very entertaining. I’ll be sure to give this a watch while it’s still at the cinema!

    • SkyPath

      Thank you so much, yes, it gives us a lot of racial issues, actually, this movie is not that popular in our country too, but It is a really great movie! Hope you can watch this movie soon!

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