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He’s Just Not That into You, Maybe is you

We talk about the unforgettable love story in “A Star is Born Review”, but recently, after a friend’s recommendation, I heard about quite interesting love comedy movie, and that is “He’s Just Not That Into You” from 2009.

I think this movie will give people who have not yet married a very interesting feeling. And for the people fall in love right now, will have another comprehension.

The story is about 9 different couples, they have a conflict of opinion about love, some couple loves each other, some couple only has unrequited love. At that time, this movie says every couple will break up after watching this movie, on the other hand, it is quite a terrible movie, but I think it has a reason to be like that.

Let’s see this one of the movies that you need to collect!

The Meaning of Marry

In the eyes of modern day people, “wedding” means the “grave” of the love, also means you about to lose youth, and that is why right now we have a problem of fertility decline, and the reason divorce rate increases, even some young people never thought about marrying, though they only just need the love.

I have a real case around me to tell about that, when she saw she’s parents lost confidence in love, to be honest, I have some feelings but I agree with it after I heard this, indeed, after marriage, love looks nothing like love anymore, but many people did not think about this point and just make a promise.

But she still has a boyfriend, and he’s not the one she wants to marry, even not the one she wants to love for a long time, speaking of here, I have a little confused. It is not really like it, then why they are together?

At the time I finally know, maybe that’s the way people love in this period, just because if both have this same thought, so both don’t be responsible for this relationship, therefore, they can just have sex or call each other “baby”.

At the same time, both of them have sufficient authority (because not married yet), so they can find a better one, and infinite loop. Simply put, “Marry” for them, is to give up the right of seeking other happiness.

It also the “real promise”, and that’s everyone afraid of.

New Way of in Love

In order to respond to the way of modern-day love, any kind of dating software start appear in the market, even some game in Asia, is main by the marriage system to introduce this game, what is ridiculous, everybody tries hard to marry in the game, that’s a little bit weird.

“I mean, things have changed, people don’t meet each other organically anymore, if I would like to make myself seem more attractive to the opposite sex, I don’t go and get a new haircut, I update my profile, that’s just the way it is, you know?” 

-Mary Harris

Ten years ago movie, just tells the focus of this virtual love, people don’t need a true heart to love right now, no need to think another side is a good people or not, they can love each other. This situation is completely reflected in online love, there is no gap between you and him or her through the Internet, is this more romantic?

Waiting for another one to reply, or a  date on the weekend, that’s romantic. Because it makes you have time to adapt yourself, also understand the importance of love. For now, people can spend a day in front of the screen, just for keeping the love that has no benefit to both sides, technology advances but the people’s feelings are constantly squeezed.

Internet becomes a way your couple monitoring you, love to turn into a pure invisible shackle, people will get better in the past, to make a deeper impression for each date. Now, people only need to update a profile or a call of each day, you can maintaining a section is actually just for a “stable” relationship.

And those who are deeply involved will never discover because even they found out, they didn’t care at all.

Protection Mechanism

Know the people we talked about earlier, in the end, they become the people never trust love, but also they are the one who knows love the most.

They don’t believe the true pure love, but on the one hand, they said that they are looking forward to such love like this, sounds like a pretty contradiction, right? But I guess this is kind of the way by a protective mechanism of human psychology, protect Itself from more damage, and look at it in a rational way.

Over time, they can’t feel the love from other people or deliberately ignoring the feeling of others. Because they are afraid to repeat the same mistakes, afraid to get hurt again, but they didn’t expect that such a self is also easy to get hurt.
In fact, love is a very easy vicious circle of things, so love needs to maintain a healthy mind, understand that you must love yourself first then you can love other one. After all, if you really want to love your companion, you have time to evaluate him or she, am I right?


No matter how old, it still will meet the love, actually, you never know real thoughts of the other side, t his is the biggest reflection of this film to the audience.

Maybe the one you love so much not that love you? Maybe he or she is not willing to marry? Or the one you unrequited love is really like you? This movie summarizes all the common problems of love, but let’s look From another angle, actually, it means many possibilities.
Maybe the one you really care about is not worth to care, or the one who always unremarkable, but always by your side is a great choice.

The beginning of “He’s Only Not That into You” looks like that’s only the thought of women, actually is not, men will have an exactly same thought too, in fact, men thought that more than women.
But in the end, everyone will find what they belong, and that experience on the way, is y our constant insistence on love, and that maybe the happiest ending at all.

If you have any interest, you can go there!


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  • Dapoach

    First and foremost, i really love your background image for its beauty. Your review on “He’s Just Not That into You, Maybe is you” is really top-notch, and o love the way you used the relevant images to buttress and give more light to the descriptions. Thanks so much  for this lovely post, i hope to get more reviews from you subsequently.

    • SkyPath

      Thank you, the value of our website is to transfer the reflect of a movie, we also hope we can use more vivid way to make review looks not that dull!

  • Gokhan


    I really liked review movie of this website. Definately should be watch all of them.

    Espercially Aquamen was the perfect movie. I have been looking for movie review for a few years before watch it.

    Many review was so cruel , even ı do not belive they watched movie before review. Thank you so much for your effort.

    Can you please make a list which movie is famous in the year ? Ofc with their review.

  • Gracen

    Hi, your review on that movie is great and sounds very interesting from your narrative. One thing with love is that love needs constant nurturing, if you don’t nurture love, it will keep dwindling until it completely fizzle out.

    For couples to continue to be in love, they need communication, without communication, the love will not grow and that is where divorce and conflicts sets in.

    It will be interesting to watch these different 9 couples and see their opinion about love. You did great with this piece.

    • SkyPath

      I think this movie almost including every situation of love in the modern day, and that also proves to love each other isn’t easy.

  • Adamuts

    I absolutely love this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me.I so much love your translation and explanation of love, Love is just more than making love. I would be glad if you can put this into a video. It’s so interesting, thanks for the article 

  • Sammynathaniels

    “He’s Just Not That Into You”……. A friend of mine recommended this movie to me but I thought it will never be interesting even when she pressured me into seeing the movie. But from your review, I’ll certainly get this movie at any cost. 

    Speaking about modern-day love, I’m never a believer of such, I believe couples’ meeting should be organic as this goes a long way to foster intimacy and trust between the two love birds. 

    • SkyPath

      It is an honor to help you, indeed, to a certain degree, this movie has a little bit female orientation, but it reminds everyone needs to pay attention to some view of love.

  • Ahearst

    Beautiful theme indeed, I like the design and layout of your post.

    Life is about relationship , we need connection with other people who don’t always share the same values, interest and philosophical approach and conflict may arise because of that but nevertheless connectivity is essential to nourish our soul. To be able to love others is a gift that our creator has endow us with . Finding the right one is a work in progress. Just like anything else we have to build that relationship, not simply based on love because love is an emotion that comes and go. A lasting relationship between man and a woman or of same sex requires some give and take, patience and above all trust without which no relationship can last .

    • SkyPath

      Yes, there is a few love that no need to run-in, because like what you said, beautiful love more like tolerant and understand, and that’s how hard love is.

  • Seun Afotanju

    Thanks for this interesting article i can say I’ve learnt a thing or two, Defense mechanisms play an important role in this self-preservation strategy. In other words, you use defense mechanisms to help you feel better about yourself, but do so at your peril, because they can lead you into problematic relationships with the people you care about the most. Thanks for sharing this amazing post. 

    • SkyPath

      Yes, because I have the same experience too, for now, I will accept these relationships naturally, until the last one standing!

  • LearnToEarn Admin

    Love has been made cheap these days and people think they just jump into bed and out of bed with whomever they like.
    This is not the way it is to be!
    True love is not a feeling, it’s an act of your will – willing the highest best for the other person at any given moment in time.  In Greek there are many words for love, each having a very different meaning.  The 3 words mostly used in the English language are: Phileo, Eros and Agape – these all mean love, but in very different forms.
    The first is like a brother or sister, the second is the one everyone believes love is – deeply emotional infatuation for someone and the consequent actions, and the third is the one I’ve just described which is what we need to have for each other, agape love – willing the highest best for the other person at any given moment in time.

    • SkyPath

      Indeed, following the era change, love has been cheap, thank you for the sharing, it reminds me in a different culture, “love” this word might have much different meaning but comes from the same feeling.

  • matthew


    It’s true I am a man 🙂 and yes we do have similar thoughts. The only difference is we don’t really talk about our feelings and emotions. 

    I believe that if there is an initial spark between you both , then you have something to work on and you can build this into a deeper love. 

    I met my wife through and internet dating site. I suppose I got lucky because it can be a mind field. 

    It’s true what you say you need to love yourself first then it becomes easier to fall in love and share. 

    I have seen the movie you are on about. I go and watch romcoms all the time with the wife, it seems to keep us connected. Lol. 

    Do you think people are struggling to find love because we have forgotten how to communicate with each other, thanks to modern technology? 

    Yes it would be an interesting topic to take to YouTube 

    Thank you for sharing and  keep up the great work. 

    Good luck to you

    • SkyPath

      It sounds like your wife is a great person! I sincerely wish you and your wife! Technology will make this problem getting worst indeed, we are starting preparation a video, thank you!

  • Kenechi

    That was interesting. I will love to watch this on youtube. Love life is interesting and everyone wants to be loved. Everyone wants to be in love with the right person. It hurts when you eventually fall in love and get so hurt along the line and if you quit the relationship, you may not want to go into another relationship because you are scared of being hurt again the second time. In a situation like this, I may develope phobia of entering a new relationship but down within me I know I really need to be loved again. It can affect psychology and may take quite a very long time to be convinced to enter another relationship. 

    I will love to read this book soon but don’t forget to make a video on YouTube. Thanks. 

    • SkyPath

      I’m very happy to see I have such a deeply thought reader, this is charming and terrible of love, thank you for supporting! When we ready we will meet everyone on Youtube! Thank you so much!

  • Koda

    I just have to say that I absolutely love your website!! “Behind all the stories, they are souls.” What an amazing caption. I think that encapsulates how i feel pretty much about everything and everyone ( ; As for this post, i’d like to bring light one one your comments, “In the eyes of modern day people, “wedding” means the “grave” of the love, also means you about to lose youth, and that is why right now we have a problem of fertility decline,” . What a statement! I also agree that is a main reason for divorce. It is the mental constructs we place on such titles that has the most impact. Why not reframe the term and the way we approach thinking about it? Just an idea ; ) 

    Also it kind of blew me away about the quote that said we don’t get haircuts anymore to become attractive we just update out profile image. LOL what a crazy thought that is in and of itself. The 21st century is still a mystery to me! I guess that’s just the way it is, and we will all have to adapt to it if we’re gonna make it through! 

    • SkyPath

      Thank you so much, that’s why we don’t rate a movie because of our slogan, we think we can’t judge a story by rating.

      Many people are afraid to love in the modern day, it makes marry is not that happy, but people rather use the internet to fall in love with an unreliable way.

      We must adapt to it indeed! Thanks again!

  • Queen

    nice article, and a must watch movie at that.

    it’s funny the way modern Life defines Love. meeting someone you know nothing about through an app and deciding you are inlove, doesn’t even make sense to me and I believe that is why most relationships don’t  last these days

    I believe Love is something that takes time to nurture and understanding should also play a measure role if any relationship wants to stay strong.

    I look forward to actually watching the movie..


    • SkyPath

      You right, for me, use dating software to fall in love is definitely an unreliable way, love needs time and action cultivate.

      This movie really can makes people to thinking about love this great thing.

  • Snap Brisk

    I’m a big fan of Love comedy movies but this one didn’t see yet and I see is not just simple love comedy, there is something from drama as well. After reading your review I think it’s worth of time.

    I am already married and my opinion about marriage is remaining the same. However, as you have mentioned the time, has changed. People are happy to have the authority and to be self-confident, the marriage life is always about compromises and if both sides do not retread it can cause the problem. When we are dating it’s easier as we can change the partner any time, sound a bit sad but this is the reality of our century… 

    Thanks for the great review!

    • SkyPath

      The internet makes people think automatic matching will find your Mr. or Ms. Right! But we all know when you really love one man or woman is not only because they love swimming just like you do, thank you!

  • Olanike

    The best of relationship is seen when such relationship is born of a try chemistry between the people involved. Though am not a fan love themed movies, Because of your review, I will certainly take a look at this movies. I think this post deserves an accolade from the makers of this movie.

    • SkyPath

      Thank you so much! This is definitely a huge honor for me to hear you say that! Hope you enjoy this great movie! Thanks again! We will be better!

  • Jason

    I remember when that movie came out and my g/f at the time wanted to go and watch and I was well no pun intended just not into that type of movie! Now that I’m older different g/f (better looking also) and reading your review a little more open-minded about checking it out now. Well, I guess it’s time to check it out make it a stay at home date night. Thanks for the review!

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