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Movie Inception reviews, What kind of the dream is?

“Inception” this movie that wins so many awards, even 8 years later I still stunning, it still will win award in 2018, and that’s a very appropriate describe, I won’t say it is a “depth” movie, many people talk about this movie always said that it is “so depth”, but I think just because of creative so think it is “depth”, these are very different things, that why I take this movie “Inception” reviews.


Depth means Creative?

In fact, it just the foundation of story has a depth, the multiple dream in the movie makes people a little confusion so they will think this movie has “depth”. I’m not say that this movie haven’t any meaning behind the story, is because I think “imagination break out and has logic” more like the comment of this movie, it is a look down when you only said “depth”.

Is Hard To Watch?

Most people are didn’t understand what is this movie about? The reason is very easy, because along with story get on, all the characters has been dispersion in different dreams, and every level of dream has a different surroundings and time, resulting in it could be has 3 scenes with 3 characters doing 3 things, it is really hard to watch this movie. But appreciation thing is how they handle tempo of this movie, both perfect clarity and not waste any time, it was like standing on the surfboard flying over many of spray, process are so fast but makes you enjoyable!

It is hard to find a flaw in this movie, if I have to say it will be to a good deal of information, but the film editing just makes tempo so good, it still very comfortable when you digest, honestly, it really hard to picking bones in the egg, after watch this movie, it just feel this movie deserves every award he wins.

Great Side

Let’s talk about how unbeatable with “creative”, till this day it still can beat any simple entertainment “commercial film”, what I see is layer-by-layer creativity and thinking present front of us, no matter is “Extractor” or “The Architect”, both deeply attracted my interest. It is a bread new and bold movie, and that’s why there is no competitor can compete.

Second is the secret between Cobb and his lover, and how he describe he used to in a dream, various factors all makes this serious movie added other colors, makes people admire the director Christopher Nolan, let all this factor perfectly match together and not steal the main storyline.

Bad Side

But the shoot-out scenes are pretty disappointing, although I know the story was in the dream, but during the process facing a hundred of people but just one man get shot, makes me feel all shoot-out scenes are meanless, it leads to the fight scenes has not attractive, even they tried to use more hand-to-hand combat to make story has a plentiful fight scene, but too weak shoot-out scene leads to hand-to-hand combat not that intensity, after all, if you won’t get shot, how did you get knock out(lol)?

Ending Also Finally Got The Answer in Last Year!

Ending are very imaginative, when all characters use the way to return to reality, at this point, is the time that author bring imagination to the limit, just because the different time in every dream levels, so they use “listen to music” to remind everybody synchronize, that was just the best example of “imagination break out and has logic”.

When Cobb went to at home, the gyro that represent axis of the story still rotating, and continued to the end, this scene makes everyone gets crazy, after all, in this movie, “gyro” means the real world but not dreams, so the last scene really makes people go crazy.

Michael Caine, who has played father-in-law of Cobb comes to explain, in the first place he asks director: I don’t understand where the dream is.’ , ‘When is it the dream and when is it reality?”, and the director answer: “Well, when you’re in the scene, it’s reality.” , so very obvious, if Michael caine in the scene, it must be reality, and that’s also means Cobb was really return to reality, what are happy ending!

if want me to suggest some movie you must to watch, “Inception”  will absolute my perfect choose.


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  • Jason

    I’ve seen this movie a couple of times and you describe as is! I’d call it very intense from beginning to end and yes you are right about that shoot out scene it could have come with more action or just been left out period. For those that did not understand you need to watch it a couple of times and take in the more of the dialogue because you’ll hear something you missed before and the movie will make more sense, it personally took a couple times and still continue to watch it and notice things I missed before. Great damn movie in my opinion as well. Thanks for your review.

    • SkyPath

      Thank you very much, it is a very complex movie, but also one of the best movie i ever seen, yes, i guess i might watch it again sometimes, maybe i will find something new in the movie!

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