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The Greatest Showman Movie Review, The Thing Behind Success

“The Greatest Showman” is a quite interesting movie, it is adapted from a true story, describe the founder and performer of the famous circus in 19th century America named “Phineas Taylor Barnum (played by Huge Jackman), his thrive process. But in fact, the movie has a little difference with real life, for example, Barnum actually not that kind, and Phillip Carlyle, played by Zac Efron was not the real person.

This movie mainly by “musical” to present, described that P. T. Barnum recruits those freak who got cast aside at that time and organized into a performance circus. I’m not a huge fan of Wolverine, but Huge Jackman performance in this movie is really remarkable!

Also, worth mentioning is this movie was cooperated with “La La Land” behind the scene’s music team, create a total of ten original songs.

Let’s mention another interesting thing, this movie in Rotten Tomatoes is rating only 56%, but audience satisfaction is 86%. We can see the difference between a professional critic and an audience. Interestingly “professional judge” and “ordinary audience” this concept from movie extend to the real life, let’s talk about this movie!

The People You Hate?

Barnum becomes different after he starts popular, he expected to get a higher identity, so he makes his user group from general mass raise to the upper class. Because of the poor life since he was a kid, so he knows what the rich are like for them, but now he just tries to cater to them.

Sometimes, if you want to beat the people you hate, the only way is always become the people more annoying.

I guess this is the thing you have to face in the road to success, I believe “Everyone Is Good at Something”, that’s also another thing the movie tries to convey. But at the same time, we also need to recognize that there is an unchangeable vision in society, and that’s what we mentioned in “Green Book”, the “discrimination”.

Aristocrats discriminate against ordinary people, ordinary people discriminate against vulnerable people, and vulnerable people discriminate against more vulnerable people.

Even Barnum, who originally played the freak circus, in order to win the identity of the upper class, he must bring more advanced performance. Also, means he makes all the staff who support him, to become another piece that let him go to the road of wealth, and what is the difference between this situation and his father-in-law who originally looked down on him?

We both know this kind of story is inspiring! But how should you face it the true vision of people? I guess this is the problem we all need to face, nobody is prefect in “everyone” eyes, nobody.

You Don’t Need Everyone to Love You

“You Don’t Need Everyone to Love You Phin, Just a few good people.”

CharityThe Greatest Showman

I think this sentence teach me how to live, that’s a very small part in this movie, from Barnum’s wife, Charity. A scene that not even 8 second, but just awake some of my friends who always try to please others.

People always to give everything for work or love, even not sorry to lose “your real self”, the purpose just want people like you. This is a tragic fact, sometimes true self maybe not that good, and you need to be “good people” for cater to society.

Think about it, that’s a very sad thing, and that’s why I always emphasize the family and friendship, because the people you do not force contact, will always accept your most natural side.

I actually don’t believe that someone deliberately made himself very annoying, but if you often heard about it, maybe you need to re-review yourself! Because I also don’t think “be yourself” is a good thing, It’s like a cocky bastard.

Indeed, you don’t need everyone to love you, some people born to be unsuitable to you, but also remember we have to balance between “our self” and “look of others”. And remember if you want a deep feeling with others, please be yourself!

Courtesy is not equal to hypocrisy, being arrogant doesn’t mean being yourself.

The Value of Art

“The noblest art is that of making others happy.”

P. T. BARNUMThe Greatest Showman

Maybe P. T. Barnum is not good people in real life, but this sentence is still classic.

It makes me think of the Mr. Bean give me a lot of fun when I was a kid but must admit nowadays people seem that some disagree that funny is an art. Seem that some people advocating the form of art, but forgot original intention of art is the creativity that unrestricted.

“Art” these words are very short but has multiple interpretations, some people think it must be given beauty and deep emotions so that’s called art. Another person thinks “art” not limited to thought, any creation with meaning and technology can be called art.

But after I contact long with these three letter “art” I start to think: “Is it necessary that most people do not understand so that called art?”, or it just another self-considered thoughts of people? To show his own unique vision?

In fact, if you are thinking from the perspective of today, P. T. Barnum is a person using the stripping weakened ethnic groups to gain fame and fortune. But simply with the angle of this movie, it just becomes an artistic expression with joy as the main axis.

What do you think?

Barnum effect

This is a psychological phenomenon, describe people will give a highly accurate evaluation of some personality descriptions that are considered tailor-made for you, this can be widely applied to psychological tests, divination, even in the pursuit of things.

And P. T. Barnum’s circus is the origin of this effect.

Actually, The Greatest Showman” also brings to another problem, and that is when you care about a star, what he does will become part of the traits of others.

If use P. T. Barnum as an example, for those of the people who hate him or these strange performers, he stripped the weak ethnic group has become a tool they used to reprimand. And for those of the people who like it, then it becomes nothing but a simple entertainment or the idea of giving fame to disadvantaged groups.

It is the same when you apply to the singer or actor nowadays, people always can find an excuse to identify a person (a thing). That’s why the current entertainment industry always needs a hype, no matter is positive or negative news is a kind of publicity because the masses always can find a reason to unconditional support and opposition.

As for what is the truth? no one cares about it since the 19th century, then if you are the boss of an entertainment company, would you care?

If you ask my opinion, then go back to watch this article again!


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  • Dapoach

    The Official Trailer video of  The Greatest Showman  that you placed on your page is so wonderful. Also i must commend you for the way you  inserted the pictures of the actors there , as it makes the review more real and gives one the suspense needed to go and get the movie and see it. 20th FOX century films are always top-notch though, and they have been in the top rank in the movie world for a very long time. Thanks so much for this informative movie trailer 

  • ajibola40

    I have been a fan of great movies like the greatest showman. I like every bit of this movie review by you I fill like reading more and more about it from you in this review which is not possible,what I can do it but the movie on Amazon 

    On of the place that really get me interest in this movie in this article is “You Don’t Need Everyone to Love You Phin, Just a few good people.”I will like to know more about what bring about this sentence 

    • SkyPath

      Thank you so much! For me, “You Don’t Need Everyone to Love You Phin, Just a few good people.” it is like this world has seven billion plus people, and in your life, the one who really likes you or love you along your side, maybe just a few people, we don’t need someone who doesn’t know us to love us, we just need to make the one who loves or we care to love us!

  • Wendy

    I have been dying to see The Greatest Showman movie. My kids need to get it for me for Mothers Day.  I’m not sure why it got bad reviews but I think I will love it. I love musicals and this musical sounds like it will really be enjoyable. From what I understand the songs are very catchy and the soundtrack is just a popular as the movie. I am sure this movie will become a classic.

  • Kenechi

    The movie the greatest showman is an inspiring one and could give great hints in relationships with people and life style. This has to do with our interactions with the people that love us as well as the people that we hate and people that hate us. There is always a forge ahead solution to every circumstance in life. 

    • SkyPath

      Yes, this movie talks about a lot of these things, that’s one of the best things in the movie, teach us a life lesson!

  • Jen

    I can’t even tell you how much I loved this movie, plus i’m a big fan of Zendaya and Zack Efron. You’re site is great for people who are interested in movies and want to know a little more about behind the movie. This is great and I i’m going to bookmark for later review. Please keep sharing. Very entertaining.

    • SkyPath

      Thank you very much, I am a big fan of Zac Efron too! It is an honor to hear that, we will do a more great movie review! Thanks again!

  • terry lemoine

    Hi Skypath, enjoyed your review on The Greatest Showman. On “You don’t need everyone to love you…..statement, here is what I’ve got to say about it….If in a lifetime you can fill up one hand with 5 people who love you, I mean truly love you unconditionally, consider yourself very fortunate. Unconditionally is the key word!!

    • SkyPath

      Yes, you right, even just one people love you unconditionally, it will make you have reason to live and happy! Love is a really powerful thing! Yes, Unconditionally is the keyword!

  • Barbara

    I don’t know how, but I have never heard of this movie before!
    By the trailer and your review, I feel like I am really going to like it. I love musicals and the trailer kind of reminded me of Moulin Rouge a little. Will definitely give it a try.

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

    Have a wonderful week,

    • SkyPath

      Thank you! I haven’t seen Moulin Rough, but I just watch the trailer, pretty similar feeling! If you love musicals I think this movie you must watch!

      Have a nice day!

  • James

    The Greatest Showman really is a great movie. I learn so many about showmanship in this movie. This article is detailed much as the movie! Great work! Thank you for this article!

  • Gaius

    Great post! Hugh Jackmen is one of my favorite actors, love his roles in X-Men & The Prestige. Deff have to check out this movie now! After reading your post & watching the trailer I’m intrigued!!!

    Keep the great work up!

    • SkyPath

      Thank you so much! I didn’t watch too many movies of Hugh Jackman, but in this movie, I saw his great acting, no wonder he is one of the famous actors in the world! Hope you can watch this movie soon! Really an interesting movie!

  • Vikrant

    huge jackman…Who doesn’t like him….our X-Men Guy. I knew about this movie but due to some reason I totally forgot to watch it. Now after watching the trailer and the very engaging description gonna watch right away…thanks man for the review. Keep Posting.

    have a Good Day…!!
    Vikrant B.

    • SkyPath

      Thank you so much! Actually me too, I was watching the review a few years ago but I’m not watching the movie immediately, we will keep going! Make our review better! Thank you for the supporting!

  • Tina

    Finally a movie you can take the family to and not worry about covering their ears or eyes. This movie has a good message of acceptance and valuing one’s family. Felt like I was at a Broadway musical / Play. Great music. Great Acting. Heartfelt. Will be going back to see this one again. WE NEED MORE GREAT MORE MOVIES LIKE THIS ONE!!! This movie will pull on your heartstrings. Thank you for a great review of this movie.

  • Mira


    Wow, this movie looks really great!

    Somehow I have missed this, even if I have to walk by the movie theater everyday to go to work 😀 I have heard the name of this movie but I haven’t seen it yet, but I definitely will!

    Thanks for this great review 🙂

  • joyce


    What a great review on “The Greatest Showman” Movie. I believe all the things that one is looking for a review is already presented in your article. In addition, I really like it when you added some interesting information like the differences of the movie rating between the “professional judges” and the “ordinary audiences”.

    Plus your review includes the concept of the movie in the real life… One thing that is very striking is the line which says: “You Don’t Need Everyone to Love You Phin, Just a few good people.” This is very true and in real life this is happening – some people are striving in order to be loved by everyone; they have not realized that they just need some few good people to love them in order to be happy. No matter what you do, you cannot please everyone!

    Your article is awesome! The way you created the review in relation to the real life is very inspirational. Thank you and Keep it up!

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