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Ralph Breaks Internet Wreck it Ralph 2, All Princess Are Here?

If you want me say which is the best animated film last year, I will say it is “Ralph Breaks Internet Wreck it Ralph 2”, it is really interesting and suitable for any different ages, you can also see in the trailer even has a princess of Disney, so what is this movie talk about? Let’s take a look this movie!

The Different Between 1 and 2

Many of you have might have seen the first one “Wreck-it Ralph”, this one was talk about the video game or arcade game, and they shuttle in every single game, really cool idea and it is fun to watch, but this in 2, it is all about the internet just like the title we see, including social media or online shopping on and on, that’s the biggest different between 1 and 2.

Now, we talk about second big different: Storyline. The first one was Ralph and Vanellope tried to save the game back in normal, and the second one is more and more about the friendship between Ralph and Vanellope, for me, second one was more close reality, sometimes, you might get same problem like these two.

Diverse Content

Like what I said, the first one was all about game, this time is all about internet, and just like the first one, if you haven’t seen first, I suggest that you should watch it, cause it is really fun and great movie, it also has a diverse content, and this time, second one is more diverse than first one.

For example, Disney princess will absolute the highlight in this movie, every princess you have seen all in the same scenes, that’s a really brilliant idea! And we can see the personification of pop-up window or how did you search on the internet looks like, it is very funny!

Just Right Information

So, in 2018, and put on a theme with internet, that’s a very smart move, they make internet interactive personification, but some people still disappoint, they think internet can doing more than the movie did, because the movie core is racing and just not that much for some people, like the first one, people said it can be more game they shuttle, why they just stand in a few games and that’s all? actually I was thinking about that too, but now, I don’t.

Let me explain to you, you go to an amusement park, and this amusement park has too many facilities you can play, so if you just can play 5 hours, you can’t play all facilities did you? Even you tried you best and yes, you play all the amusement park facilities, you just can’t enjoy every one of them, and that’s called too much information, like what I said in last article, sometimes, it will ruin entire movie, so that’s why right now I don’t think that is the problem, because just right information, will better than too much, you can very clear to see what is going on and understanding the storyline.

Too Little Intense

After I told so many good about this movie, let’s see the little problem in this movie, or maybe that’s not the problem, is a little not too good thing maybe? Because in this movie, just too little intense, first one is pretty intense but this one like what I said, they are in the internet world, like an adventure.

So in this movie, still has some good intense moment like when they race or in the end, just not that much, but that is really not a big problem, if you like to watch first, you should watch this as well, just maybe for some people like intense I need to inform for you first, but that really not a big deal to stop you watch the movie.

Fix-It Felix And Sergeant Calhoun

I told a lot of different between 1 and 2, actually also has a one big different might influence people to watch a little, and that is Fix-it Felix and Sergeant Calhoun was not the main characters anymore, yes, they still show up in this one, but just few minutes, we know they are the core in the first one, but this time, this Internet adventure, Fix-It Felix and his wife will not participate.

If you are the Fix-it Felix fans or you just wanna see these two will happen next in this movie, I just need to say sorry for you, cause this time, they not the main characters.

All Ages Can Watch, Very Fun!

It is a great movie, if you are a kid, you will very happy to watch this movie, if you are an office worker, that will make you very relax, that’s a really good choice for family watch together! You have Disney, internet, friendship problem, you will enjoy all this process!



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