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Ready Player One, The Meaning of 3 Keys!

Talk about the movie makes me passionate in 2018, except Avengers: Infinity War”, there is gonna be “Ready Player One”, I even have a lot of gooses bump when I was in the cinema, because this movie complete beyond my expectations, it is too wonderful.

This movie is directed by Steven Spielberg, be adapted from Ernest Cline famous best-selling novel “Ready Player One”. There has so many games or movie easter eggs in this movie, makes people nostalgic while enjoying the combination of these movies and games.

I always mention that I am the guy love movie and game, these both things for me is just like a key to another world, I always can be another guy temporarily, make different dreams and have different looks, until now, they became part of my business.

If you are under 40 years old, maybe you will have a lot of feeling with this movie, it fulls of entertainment culture from the 70s to the 90s, but some of these are too classic, that even me, a 21 years old boy feeling all of these powerful, it’s like a love letter for us in this new era of entertainers.

Breaking the Original Framework

In “Ready Player One”, everyone is using the VR and conversation in the virtual world, although people think that is too exaggerated, actually, no one thinks that people can communicate only using their mobile phones, after all, the thing not yet happen always sounds like too exaggerated.

But wait until the day when VR technology is very matures, I don’t think this is just a dream, maybe people really will like the people in the movie, immersed in the virtual world, after all, not everyone’s real life has such a great time, however, in the game, everyone can always live what they want to be.

In fact, this spirit has long existed in people’s minds, we have many cases can show when you in the game, you still can construct the firm friendship and love like the real world. This explains human is a creature that depends on the spirit, I think this view is very romantic.

I remembered some story I heard before in “World of Warcraft”, if you have interest, go and search “Mats Steen”, the surrounding stories with him are very touching, even he passed away in the end but he leaves an indelible trace in the game.

Does the game really only bring harm? Think about it, Is this not another way of living?

Not Controlled by Fear

People find an easy way to joining the vacation spot, however, some people are unwilling to make use of people’s job to make money. simply put, it is like a game cheater, hacker or something, they are happy to break the balance.

The people now may feel it is normal, but it is like when you vacation in Hawaii, but someone can stay free in the Superior Suite, or when you enjoy the bench and sunlight, someone is yelling at the same time, in South Korea, if you cheat in the game you will be fined and go to the jail, we can see South Korea is very serious at the level of the game.

Next, let’s talk about deeper level, and that is those people who use the internet, I wonder guys have you watch the movie called “Brexit: The Uncivil War”? It tells how the UK is controlled when they are Brexit, I think it is a very interesting movie.

People can actually be controlled without knowing it, that’s because we have “mood”. In fact, political elections in various countries, or something like that, something about rights and interests, people can easily control people’s opinions on the Internet, and people still think that they are the most objective.

Actually, when you feel you are very objective, you already not objective.

In the past, TV is considered the thing makes the kid be bad, 10 years later, it becomes the internet, and now, it called phone. People all know their kids’ might received incorrect information, thus affecting growth or other factors, but themselves will convince all the thing on the internet, pretty strange, right?

The Original Intention of “Play”

Until today, play game can become a profession, there are even high-intensity matches, people are gradually accepting that “play game” can be a very serious sport, this was hard to imagine in the past, think about that, I have to thanks for all these people work hard in this path.

Then, what’s the original intention of “play”? I believe must not be for competition, but for leisure and entertainment. Some people for temporarily escape from reality, some people are just simply want to have some fun, but overall, everybody was “playing the game”, and because of that, it makes this thing interesting.

When I was a kid, the teacher always says playing game is a waste of time, but they didn’t know games or movies can change how much as a people. Part of my confidence I have today is from the game, Part of my knowledge I know today is absorbed from the movie, isn’t it that the growth that can’t be seen on the outside is a waste of time?

Of course, “entertainment” is “entertainment” after all, but it will be different when it start changing your life, like the weekly update of our website, hope we can find value from entertainment, they are truly existence but always ignored.

Think carefully, isn’t the game and the movie is a comprehensive performance of art? Then how do you think about art?

Reality Is the Most Real

But even if we love these entertainment cultures, we still need to know what’s the most important thing. You can love games but don’t forget to eat, you can love movies but you can’t stop learning, because anything will be bad if it is too extreme, even you love it so much.

This is a comprehension when I grow up, go on a trip or eat a great meal or gather with your family, that’s the really happy things, when you have a new comprehension, look back the game and the movie world, you will find out your vision has become more vast, it will also affect you in the real world.

You ask me what is the more important one between reality and entertainment?

As a matter of fact, both of them are necessary, you don’t want to meet a boring person, you don’t even want to meet someone who is in front of the screen all day. Combine the experiences of our lives together to appreciate art, or after enjoying the art, take a look at another angle to look at this world, you will find out a very interesting thing!

Actually, the two have long been seamlessly combined.

If you have interest, please click the link down below!

There also have the novel!


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  • Dalibor Tomasic

    I love watching movies. And I love playing games. Not meaning to sound like a geek, but escape from reality is sometimes good.

    However, speding time in real world is what keeps you safe from losing yourself in virtual. And things like VR can become very integrated into our lives, same as phones.

    So spend time with your freinds, familly, but don’t forget to have a “moment for yourself” also, what ever it may be 🙂

    • SkyPath

      Yes, play the game is a very enjoyable thing for the people who love to play the game, it can release stress and sometimes you can get much inspiration in the game or the movie, so for me, it is definitely not a thing to waste the time, but nothing is matter than your family and the one you love, after all, we live in reality, we can’t ever forget that.

  • ODavid

    Wow! This movie seems really great! I hurriedly need to watch it and share with friends. I loved “Avengers- infinity war” from its demo posters to its official video clips and i am certain “Ready player one” will beat my imagination. You have done so well by sharing thisthis article and i am sure very interested in this movie.
    Thank you very much

    • SkyPath

      Thank you so much! I like Avengers as well! This movie gives you a lot of memory of 70~90s movies and games, even you didn’t know some movies or some games in this movie, it still a great movie has a great storyline about VR!

  • Richard U.

    It felt quite good to see this review post here because I quite enjoyed watching Ready Player One. Although the special effects were a bit too much for me in overall it has great features and action-packed. Your review here even went further to revealed more things that I probably missed and for that, I say thank you and well done.

    I hardly come across such movie review website that is clean like yours and I hope will get to read about a review on one of my favorite movie any time soon.


    • SkyPath

      Thank you so much! It is a huge honor to hear you say that, “Ready Player One” is a movie about VR so of course, it has many special effects, thanks again!

      And I want to know, which is your favorite movie?

  • Jay

    Absolutely brilliant. I am a huge fan of Spielberg and I actually came across the trailer of this movie some few months back on mbc2 but I totally forgot the name of the movie and have been looking for it ever since. It was by chance that I was able to stumble upon it here and thanks to you I now know its name.

    It is a really awesome movie and I can’t wait to watch it.

    • SkyPath

      Thank you so much, indeed, Steven Spielberg is a big name in the movie industry, his movie always very good, This movie’s name is very good, and in Taiwan, it calls “First Level Player”.

      Hope you can watch this movie as soon as you can! Great movie deserve you to watch!

  • matthew

    Hi. Thank you for sharing this review about the movie ready player one. 

    This is not a movie I have seen yet but after reading all about it from your information, I will be adding it to my to watch list  

    I learned something today I never knew it wad adapted from a book  

    I have always loved the way mr Spielberg directs his movies , this one sounds interesting and intriguing 

    I can’t wait to see it and if I like it I might even buy the book 

    Best wishes to you 

    • SkyPath

      Thank you, I didn’t know this movie is based on a book at the first too, I also wonder about to buy this book too, thanks again! Hope if you have a chance, you can watch the movie and book together!

  • Colby

    Hello Mr. Action! I really enjoyed this movie as well. I have lived long enough to see games evolve from Pong to what they are now. When I was a kid, they were just a time waster – or a quarter eater – but as they evolved, they began teaching as well. I agree to a point that gaming can cause social, health and mental problems – but at the same time, it is up to a child’s parents to teach them to moderate game time and to realize that they need to balance social time, study time, movement time as well.

    The movie was a great story, and I can see a gaming world created like this in the future, but I believe that the healthiest people will know not to get sucked in.

    • SkyPath

      Hi! I haven’t been through that era when the game is not so popular, you got that right, like what I say, anything too extreme is not good, if we allocate time, that actually game is a great thing, I meet many of the friends because of the game.

      This movie has a great story like what you say, yes, the future game might like this movie!

  • Tracy cole

    This sounds so exciting and adventurous. I feel tickled by the theme. What an amazingly talented writer you are!

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this article as you’ve provided us with lots of valuable information. I haven’t watched the movie before now but with this review on your article , I am highly perplexed and I can’t wait to see how it goes with the movie. Thanks for sharing 

  • Peace

    Yeah, there’s always a need for balance to keep us in check against addiction. Movies and games are important and play their roles as distractions from the intensity of reality. But there’s a place to drop the remote and focus on reality. That way you have the best of both worlds. 

    When, I am stressed, I put work aside and put on my laptop looking for a relaxing, easy going movie. By the time I am done, I have enough clarity and re energizing to focus on my work and be more productive than if you I had only worked, worked and worked.

    • SkyPath

      You right, proper gameplay or watch a movie is definitely not a bad thing, instead it helps your job doing better than ever! But one word is very important, and that is “proper”.

  • Musbau Shittu

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful review on ready player one, I have also watched the movie and i found out that it is  very interesting. I appreciate you taking time and breaking the meaning of the three key all down for us. This is great. I would also love to revisit for more articles like this. This is great.

    • SkyPath

      Thank you so much! Thanks for the supporting, the meaning of this movie try to bring to us is all come from these three keys, it gradually to make us know what is all about! Thanks again!

  • Rgpratap


    Whenever I dropped into your new post with a new review on a film, I just open the youtube and watch the trailer. After that, my husband and I use to watch the full movie. Usually, we don’t’ frequently watch movies nowadays. But whenever I read your reviews, I can’t help myself without watching that movie. This time with ‘Ready Player One’ you have mentioned two other movies also. Thanks a lot for sharing your thought. You remind us to have some entertainment quality time.

    Warm regards,

    • SkyPath

      Thank you so much, really happy to see my article will actually help people! you’re one of my motivation, Really grateful to see the people who support me! Thank you!

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