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Shepherds and Butchers, The Meaning of the Death Penalty

As technology advances, crime is still something that humans cannot completely avoid, today we go talk a movie based on the real story, “Shepherds and Butchers”. The story is about a death sentence executor after killing seven people, how will the Judiciary judge this tragedy?

In my country, most of the people are still supporting the death penalty, although more than 80% of countries worldwide have been abolished, on another angle, it seems can work off everyone’s feelings, no matter is for the murderer or victim family, it is nothing but a way of punishment.

Before I watch this movie, I also disapproval of abolition of the death penalty, I know from the bottom of my heart, how is the “murderer” made up, “environment” is the main reason, but when I saw some cruel case, I still wonder: so how can he redeem his or her sin?

For these murderers, if kill four people and kill four hundred people are the same, is the death penalty, will the death penalty have an effect when they should make a choice? Or after killing him alone, others four hundred families will not heartbroken anymore?

I think this is an important topic in modern ethics and justice:

What is the death penalty?

Can the Country Kill People?

Let’s use the most objective ways to discuss various issues, although most of the people are supporting the death penalty, it is undeniable that depriving another person’s freedom of life is extremely cruel, that is why kill people be unforgivable, but the country can justify the life of a person?

If today they confirm the sin, confirm these people actually kills people, then that will be not too far, but I can’t help but imagine these a few people who have been defamed, in any others country, we see many stories about because the self-esteem of police, so they just grab a person and force him or her to plead guilty.

What does this mean? In a sense, actually after the court, the party suspected of murder is very disadvantageous, no matter is social views or lawyers’ choices, what’s more, today’s news headlines are always so scared, in 24 hours, national anger will put pressure on the most suspected person, this situation even lawyer is hard to help.

Don’t forget, most of the people have also supported execution by burning, waterboarding or crucify the person.

Death Penalty Executor

I don’t know if everyone has heard of “trauma syndrome” AKA “PTSD”, this symptom appears on soldiers after the war or on people who are traumatized by great emotions, it is a mental illness caused by too much impact in extreme environments.

I believe most of the people hate murderer is because kill people be such a hateful thing, but for those of people who executed the death penalty? Of course, I think this profession need strong psychological quality, but the regrettable case appeared in this incident, a teenager must execute the death penalty for a long time.

In his eyes, life became so weak, when I am watching this movie I can even feel, that breathless pressure, It seems that you can feel the trembling and fear of those deaths row on the screen, and the psychological quality of the executioner.

Such a professional make killing legalization, we all know the cold blood of war, even it is enemy they’re still human, have their own family and story, but when death penalty happens it makes everything looks easy, like……

This person was born with his death, and the prison guards who meet with him every day must also think so.

The Value of Life?

All of us are a unique life, but there are inevitably murderers who will be created by environmental influences, I believe all the prisoner have a miserable past or a misguided choice, but a person who is convicted of death can never improve this vicious circle.

I have seen a documentary called “Child of Rage”, interested people can go and see, it tells the young girl because of father’s long-term violence and sexual assault, leading her to think that life around her can be easily captured, even want to kill her adoptive parents and little brother.

And we must wait until a six years old girl wants to kill people, we can gradually understand whether the murderer itself or an environmental factor? Or is we can ignore these details if today is a 26 years old male want to kill people?

The purpose of the death penalty itself is to let people know that killing itself is a great crime, on the other hand, is to emphasize how valuable life is, but the death penalty itself is a contradiction, it is responsible for taking life.

Everyone can go and see Dutch prisons and the way to treat murderers, Is it murder to stop murderers? Or let the murderer became an ordinary person mentality again? I think this is a very serious topic in this century.

But I can simply describe my point of view: I don’t think violence will stop more violence.

Shepherds and Butchers

This movie gives me to change my view or added a lot of views, I think in this unrest society, this movie will make people keep thinking, it also brought out a lot of places that were originally ignored, is an excellent movie worth pondering.

This movie “Shepherds and Butchers” representing the process of killing sinners after accompanying sinners. Human is an animal with emotional supremacy, It just like watch the people you know died in front of you, Is this not a form of torture?


If you have any interest in this movie, click the link down below!


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  • Josie

    Hi, Thank you for your post. It looks  like a really interesting and thought provoking movie. The death penalty is an interesting topic. I don’t necessarily agree with the death sentence. I think that some people who are genuinely not going to change, and who show no remorse for their actions, possibly deserve the death penalty, but as you say, for the person doing the deed, they absolutely do not remain untouched by the killing. Killing removes a person’s humanity, and it does create trauma that simply can’t be healed from, and for that reason I don’t believe in the death sentence. It puts good people at risk of serious mental illness, and that isn’t fair on anyone!

    • SkyPath

      Yes, I believe many murders won’t repent, but the death penalty will not solve the problem, the people who got killed never go back, maybe we need to think how to change the thought of murder! Thank you for sharing your opinion!

  • Lee

    So this movie changed your mind about the death penalty? Was an innocent person put to death for a crime they didn’t commit, of course those type of circumstances cause people to oppose the death penalty. What country are you from? In the United States, the states vary on the death penalty. Some states have outlawed it while others still use it, but sparingly. It is a debated political topic and highly charged depending on the various viewpoints.

    • SkyPath

      I’m from Taiwan, yes I know in the US, every state has varied on the death penalty, I know this is a very controversial topic, but this movie really gives me much thought about it! Maybe you can take some time and watch it! I want to know your opinion!

  • Clarissa

    Wow what a great review! I am going to have to see this movie. I come from a state where they do believe in the death penalty and although I think anyone that murders should be locked away or even exiled I do not think the death penalty should be used, because now they where just murdered and I feel that God has made it very clear in his commandments to not murder and that to me is pretty straight forward. 

    Warm Regards,


    • SkyPath

      Thank you so much, Yes, sometimes, the death penalty is like murder by legal, we need to change the way we treat the murder, change the mind of them, like what I said, in Netherlands, how they treat the murder, it might be the best way to do it! Thanks again with your great opinion!

  • Amanda

    This sounds and looks like a great movie being torn between morality and survival, I personally love these kinds of movies.  This is a great review and I am now going to try and find it somewhere so I can watch it, I can’t imagine being put in this characters position.

  • Vicki

    I am going to attempt to watch this movie as I am pulled emotionally about the death penalty.

    I live in New Zealand and we don’t have this penalty here and sometimes when a hideous crime is committed I feel strongly towards the penalty and then I think about the mind of the killer and somehow feel his mind needs altering and he needs healing due to the hideous things he has experienced with his life. 

    A very thought proking article thank you

    • SkyPath

      Thank you for sharing your thought about it! Yes, we definitely will feel they need to get some punishment when they did something really bad, but sometimes maybe we can know the murder more, understand what happened with the life they been through, of course, no matter how bad they been through, kill people isn’t right, but maybe we can do some punishment better than the death penalty! Let them know they’re wrong, but also let them change they’re thought!

  • Mahin Al Banna

    Hey there,

    This is an unique and informative article I must say. I appreciate your deep research on this topic. That movie sounds interesting and I love to watch movies made on this kind of social topic. As 80% counties of the world abolished the death penalty but still our country is not on the list. In Bangladesh they still use death penalty to punish the criminals. And there are many political reasons for that people do not talk about it much.

    Thank you for writing this amazing article.

    • SkyPath

      Thank you very much, Yes I know there have some of the countries still not abolished the death penalty, and it is so hard to change this situation in some of the countries, thank you for sharing your country situation!

  • RoDarrick

    Hello, I must commend you for posting this kind of germane issue. Firstly, I do ponder on the reason we need to take another life because other lives died through him. Though its another case entirely if one happens to be closer to the victims but then, that’s the society we live in. Eye for an eye. Actually, this movie “shepherds and butchers” seems very interesting and I am very interested in watching it. I am anxious to know how they present this issue. Thanks

  • Andres Agudelo

    I know that by murdering a killer you won’t get back the people that have died because of him. However, you are saving others to get hurt by that killer, in that case, you are saving lifes. By allowing the death penalty, are we trading a life to save others ? Or are we being cruel with the killer ?.

    I don’t think you can change a person that enjoy killing others, it becomes like a hobbie for them and I don’t think there is a way to stop it.

    It is a really great article, it makes me think a lot of how to proceed in those cases. I’m nobody to say who deserves to live or die, however, there are rules and you should follow them. If you don’t follow the rules you know what the punishment will be.

    • SkyPath

      Thank you, great opinion, you’re right, maybe some people can’t change, but I think this issue is very subjective, I think the biggest thing that we all agree is a great educational environment, and great family environment also, many murders have a trauma because of something bad in their childhood, so change these things, pay more attention on your kid, love can change many things, thanks again!

  • Paul

    Thanks a lot for another informative and insightful review.

    Information on PTSD is an eye-opener to me. Your reviews are so thorough and adds more value to the movie. Sometimes I doubt even the director might not thought the way you think. I like the content and in the manner that you presented.

    Reading your review itself I felt the burden in my heart and its really hard and painful to see people dying. And I can’t imagine doing the death sentence executor job for just one day or even just one time. The trailer you embedded gave me some helpful insights. I guess for sure this movie is gonna speak about the value of life.

    Some great question on death penalty and I totally agree with you, violence will not stop more violence.

    Your review acted as a catalyst to watch this movie and this is on my list.

    Thanks & Regards,


    • SkyPath

      Thank you! Really appreciate your support! Yes, this movie talks a lot of things about the value of life, it makes this movie very heavy but also, very educational, hope you can watch this movie as soon as possible!

  • Who is Bethenny Frankel?

    It is an interesting topic, Death Penalty, I think it was consider in those years where hundreds and hundreds of people die just for discrimination, Germany, long time ago, those criminals deserved  that kind of penalty.  Now there are Human Rights, and one of the values is that man has the right of living.  It is important to remember  how the penalties have changed, innocent persons were ejecutated with horrible penalties, as electric chair, I read about a child, I guess they thought he killed two little girls, but  just for the color of his skin, being innocent, and declared that innocence after 70 years of his execution.   Unbelievable, but  in the past, courts were very strong in their judgments and I think there are still some countries that act like that, with innocent people. Justice, where is the justice?

    • SkyPath

      Yes, I saw that case too, that’s very sad, and hard to accept, back in the time, there have many misjudgment cases just because they’re the color of the skin, even a kid, that is very terrible, now, we still have many bad judges, we only can try our best to make these things not happen again! Thank you!

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