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The Departed Movie Review, Best Adapted Movie in Hollywood


“The Departed” in 2006 was adapted from Hong Kong movie “Infernal Affairs” in 2002, the story is about cop and gangster has two undercover battle of wits, I’m glad I seen both of it, so I can compare these two, no matter is Hong Kong or Hollywood version, the characters are all big name, I believe many people will not strange about these two movie, but the difference between them is worth it to explore.

I think “The Departed” is pretty good just simply tell, win four awards in seventy-ninth Oscar, they are:

  • l Academy Award for Best Picture
  • l Academy Award for Best Directing
  • l Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay
  • l Academy Award for Best Film Editing

As we can see the charm of this movie, as a matter of fact the most attractive thing in the movie are they always compact and exciting, both sides undercover are secretly helped them boss, and also need beware the opponent same as undercover, these rivalries and offensive and defensive in both sides heart are deepened the movie depth.

Bright Performance of Actor

Leonardo acting are fascinating indeed, even I already seen Hong Kong version that know what will happen next, I still keep looking forward to this, in the gang, the tension that will be seen at any time, we can know just by his body language and facial expression, have to admire his acting that can act any characters, really adoring!

Jack Nicholson, who has many confrontation scene with Leonardo, acting Frank Costello this sick boss like what he was, you can feel the undecided sentiment through the screen, and the morbid anger from gradually to the end in last half of the movie.

By comparison, Matt Damon performance are little mediocre, although it is OK but it feels not prominent compare with

Leonardo, rather say that Leonardo stole the glorious from the main actor, it makes this movie like one-man show, so the

confrontation scene part are not that strong.

Another bright performance is Michael Wahlberg, I believe many people have seen “Ted” and “Transformers”, especially after “Ted”, Michael Wahlberg is easy to being positioned on “funny role”, I still can’t get rid of this sense even after I watch

“Transformers”, but his acting in this movie makes people deep into his performance, I’m not watch many of his movie,

but after I seen “The Departed” recent, I refresh all the sense from him!

But in fact, for those of the US audience who didn’t watch “Infernal Affairs”, I just wanna say it is very unfortunately! Why? Because, if you compared these two movie, I will original without hesitation, this is not the contempt for “The Departed”, it is been valued for “Infernal Affairs”.

The Departed V.S Infernal Affairs

If want me to rate these two I will give “The Departed” – 8.5/10, and “Infernal Affairs” – 9.5/10, as you can see the difference by the score, undeniable, both of them are great movies, but the former still let me down a little.

Just because it is an adapted film form Hollywood, so I have high expectations, but after I watch the movie, I just feel emptiness, feels like it be short of something, actually this kind of the movie, the confrontation between them from two sides should more intense, despite “The Departed” has reduction the original, but it not takes the “feeling” into the movie.

Although it still won Oscar awards, but it definitely has improved space, like what I said, this movie almost one-man show of

Leonardo, it highlights the great acting of Leonardo, but also makes entire movie out of shape a little bit, originally with main role Matt Damon confrontation turns into the main role against the supporting role, very, very unfortunately.

Or maybe is the reason that too many main characters needed to explain, some of these characters are not explained clearly, but it is different to Michael Wahlberg who plays a role as Dignam, thanks to his anger temper makes this character has a soul that unable to shake, that’s why he has outstanding performance in this movie.

Because both of them story are same, so it is not needed to say, but it has a huge difference on the style. American version makes gangster not that evil, instead, it is like bring entertaining for audience, it looks relaxed. But Hong Kong version was different, you can feel the strong pressure when you’re in gangster, that will make two same story movies has a lot of different mentality when you watch it.

Simply put, “The Departed” focus on Frank Costello’s vulgar and sick, and “Infernal Affairs” is focus on two main characters, so the former looks more fun and has Hollywood style, the latter has traditional Hong Kong movie style.

But from the angle of adapted it still very success, director Martin Scorsese really good to make these movies has America style, makes this movie become a part of Hollywood.

The Movie You Must Watch!

Regardless of “Infernal Affairs” or “The Departed”, both of them are the good movies and worth to watch, especially the original “Infernal Affairs” was remake by multiple countries and wins so many awards,  even start the era with movie main by spy, undercover, you can see the influence.

If you have not seen “Infernal Affairs” yet, or “The Departed”, I recommend you should watch it, and if you already watch
“The Departed”, pease also be sure to watch “Infernal Affairs” in 2002 from Hong Kong, I really hope i can know your opinion, these two established spy movies in my mind.

Two great movies has they own style, if you are the people who loves watch a little complex plot, you must watch this two!



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