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The Truman Show Review, Was Nothing Real?

Before I watch this movie, I thought audience and Truman will find out this world is “unreal” in the end of the movie, but I did not expect in the beginning audience has been “spoiler” already, and Truman still didn’t know.

The beginning of the movie, the line of Truman: “in case I don’t see ya’, good afternoon good evening and good night.”, seem to prove his friendly, optimistic, the first half of the movie you can strongly feel that Truman is really friendly but he has a little bit tired “at this point”.

Then happen so many things, his starts doubt this world.

I Can’t Describe the Special of “The Truman Show”

Even as a super crazy fan of movie like me, I still feel very fresh when I watch this movie, it seems to hinting that many levels, no matter is intentionally or unintentional, this movie discussed so many angles in one time, that is why I very admiration for this movie.

Jim Carrey performance is Impeccable, if you like him or you have a little interest about him, you must watch this movie that makes him famous, to see how does he interpretation this movie, and after watch it you will say: “exchange for other people will never perform better!”

Although this is a 1998 movie, but I’m not feel any “old” part, this theme maybe is the reason they won so many awards, it just very fresh and very creative! makes them won countless awards, it is too many that I can’t list one by one, if you have interest you can search for it!

If you like me, love movie so much, love “The Story”! please you must watch this movie! Next let’s talk about how this movie has many angles.

Predict Modern Day Hollywood Movies Mode?

Truman’s wife will always very detailed to introduction a product When she and Truman has some trouble, you can probably know what they think behind, at first I thought this just a scene want to emphasize that it is a TV show, but it not just happen once in the entire movie, we can see director want to irony something……

And that is modern day “commercial film” just wanna make money so they put ad scene in the movie!

However, it is not that obvious in the past few years, but you still can’t deny some movie makes us speechless, like “Transformers: Age of Extinction” is the one make me impressive, it is too exaggeration that almost makes me sick, I will never forget many of the “hint ad scene”.

And this movie use the very obvious way to irony, we can know maybe at the time, already has some signs like that, and “The Truman Show” expressed their disdain! also, an open challenge some modern day movies has no soul.

The Truth is What You Believe

On a middle half of the movie, the director of “Trueman Show” said: “We accept the reality of the world with which we’re presented. It’s as simple as that.”, then guess what is my first opinion after I watch this movie? “If I was like Truman living in a fake world, and I still can’t realize?”

I think if a movie can let you think, and have a strong stamina, that is a good movie! this opinion very fridge horror, and you can’t say that there is no such possibility at all., I’m not try to frighten you, I was try to help you think, the things and information around you, could it be fake?

Let’s not talk about something too philosophy first, let’s just think about the news and website we watch everyday, you not the one who find out the news, but you still believe in no doubt? You can imagine if someone controls the media in the back, maybe “The Truth” will never is “The Truth”, just become what people believe.

And that also involve other thing, that is when someone believes you will believe, at the time you don’t have any concept. Imagine one of your friends, talk about the scandal of the stars you don’t know, you will definitely believe that, aren’t you?

Media and internet can easily use this way to control your mind, only just everybody becomes “Truman”!

So the fact is important? No! What you believe is the most important thing.

The Flooding Electronic Product? Peep Culture?

“Truman Show” is a TV show, it uses satellite to conduction, with camera and pinhole camera to shooting. Did you discover it? Electronic product now is become the part of our life, it brings us benefits but also bring harm.

Ask your grandfather, grandmother, or ask you parents, ask them if they can see the people another side of the earth or talking on the phone 30 years ago? Or….peeking at others life?

The thing you be accustomed to, when you stand the angle of 30 years ago, it is unbelievable, or you will think only “magic” can doing this thing. Yes, we thank the progress of technology bring convenient of our life, but you can’t deny we over-reliance them.

Cellphone, computer, internet, most of the people are addiction to them, the terrible thing is you and me, we all know this truth, but we just can’t leave them! Not to mention right now you have your personal information on there, we used to be think that is confidential but now we love to sharing this?

Let’s see another angle, if today “Truman show” is a real reality show live, you will still happy to watch, television station still will earn a lot of money, because that is becomes the part of our life, is Peep!

The Best Actor of Life

As an irony movie, but “The Truman World” let me understating one thing, and this thing could change everyone life. In fact, most of the people are quite dull to lived them life, me either, but after watch this movie it makes me imagine:

“Why don’t I try to be the main actor in my life?”, after thinking like this, you will enter a whole different mode of thinking in your life, because you are not “normal” anymore.

But like the Hong Kong movie “Project Gutenberg” said: “in a one million people, there is only one protagonist.”, we know it is not that easy to become protagonist, but if you don’t work hard you will only just a passerby.

This is the movie you certainly will have comprehension after you watch it, that is also the movie I hope everyone must see, it is deep impression.

And just like what Truman said at the first:”in case I don’t see ya’, good afternoon good evening and good night.”, I’m Mr. Action! Bless you are the main actor of your life! Maybe just like Truman show, you might think that is a comedy, as time goes by you will experience that maybe your life is very irony too.





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  • Michael

    That is some really interesting points about this movie.
    I watched it many years ago, and though it was really good. I never thought about it as a commentary and predictor of the modern world, though… But thinking back on it, I think you’re probably right…

    I’m definitely going to have to rewatch it soon, that’s for sure.

    Thanks for an interesting point of view! 🙂

    Best wishes,

    • SkyPath

      Thank you, i have so many thought after watch this, if you have time, please you need to watch again! You will get many thought after that!

  • Steve

    Thanks for the informative article about this movie. It certainly sounds like there is a lot going on in the plot. I haven’t see the Truman show myself, but I’ll keep an eye out for it next time it’s on tv. Keep the review coming.

    • SkyPath

      Thank you, i can’t tell everything about this movie, cause this movie has so many thing, so i hope you can watch this by yourself, maybe you will find out something I’m not mention!

  • Mike

    Your comment about being the main actor in your own life really rang bells with me. I’ve always tried to run my own race but sometimes get tripped up by all the people rushing to tell me why something won’t work as opposed to the few, true friends, who provide support and generally say “well it just might work so give it crack and see”. I think that you’re like me and that you won’t ever die wondering when there is a chance to give something a go. Nice review – thanks.

    • SkyPath

      Thank you so much, i guess we all have tough time sometimes, and sometimes other people won’t believe you, but for me, that is not important, what’s really important is the people you love trust you, that is the really important, and last, you also need trust yourself, that is why i said become the main actor in you own life!

  • Schalk Zeeman

    I do love movies from Jim Carrey. Usually I am pretty much into action movies, but when I feel like watching comedy, Jim Carrey is always my go to actor. The very first movie I have watched from Jim Carrey is “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective”. I must admit that I have not watched “The Truman Show” but after reading your review will actually go and see right now if I can find it on Netflix. Thanks so much for recommending as I was not sure what next to watch on Netflix. Now for some popcorn watching The Truman Show!

    • SkyPath

      i have watched from Jim Carrey first movie is “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective” too, so at first, i always think his is a comedy actor, some of the people might think The Truman Show is a comedy too, you must see this one if you love Jim Carrey!

  • Andrey

    Thank you very much for your fantastic website. It is amazing that you show people where to start and what steps to make towards their dream-like home entertainment. I hope more people will know about your website and follow your guidance.
    Kind regards,

    • SkyPath

      Thank you so much! Every time i watch movie i always have many thought, and I wanna share to everyone! Thank you again, it is an honor to heard that!

  • Christen

    I have yet to watch this movie, but your review has intrigued me to check it out! I’ve always found this role to be interesting for Jim Carey, as it is a bit more somber than most of his stuff. Also, great point about being the main actor in your life. There is nothing worse than just watching life go by, being active and experience life is the only way!

    • SkyPath

      I always want to be main actor of my own life, you need to dominate your fate so you can be more confidence! I agree what you said, There is nothing worse than just watching life go by, being active and experience life is the only way! You got that right!

  • Matt's Mom

    You know I love Jim Carrey as an actor. I think he’s great! I have not seen this movie, The Truman Show. Now I am ready to rent it and watch! You have made it look interesting to me and worth the watch. I was kind of surprised that I had not seen it, as I though I had seen all Jim Carrey movies. Thanks for the great review!

    • SkyPath

      Yes! Like what i said, this is the movie you must see! There are so many great movie of Jim Carrey career, for me, this is absolute the best! Thank you!

  • Jerimy

    Thanks for reviewing this movie. I really liked it and sometimes wonder if I’m not in my own Truman Show or Matrix, lol!

    What is your favorite movie and actor? Mine has always been Top Gun with Tom Cruise. It’s the reason that I joined the Navy and worked on fighter jets.

    I am excited to see what you think of other movies.

    • SkyPath

      Thank you so much, and lol! I was wonder if I’m not in my own Marvel world haha! That is very wonderful if you see a movie and joined the Navy and worked on fighter jets because of it! I haven’t seen Top Gun but I will see next time!

      My favorite actor was Zac Efron, I will watch the movie is because i watch “High School Musical” whn I was a kid, That’s why I fall in love with movie! And my favorite movie was “Frequency” from 2000, you can watch this if you have time, I will review this recent day! Thanks again!

  • Stephen

    Good Review.
    It’s my first time knowing about this movie.
    Regarding what we believe, we may believe what someone is telling us at first, but when we find out it’s a lie we no longer believe in it.
    Maybe this world we are living is another dimension that seems very real for us. Also, maybe we are living in other dimension that seems very real for us too. It just complicated to explain.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • SkyPath

      Thank you, like what you said, life was really complex, and this movie just let me think of that, if you have any time, you can watch this movie, you will get lot of thought!

  • Sherry S.

    Interesting review! I saw this movie a long time ago and forgot all about it! I enjoy most of the movies Jim Carry is in and this one was no exception. I’m ready to watch it again now! Thanks 🙂

  • Paul

    Great post. I found your points very interesting. I am a big Jim Carrey fan, but have not seen this piece of his. I will have to check it out for sure!

    • SkyPath

      Thank you, that is really good movie! Like what i said, if you are Jim Carey fan, you must to see! Maybe you will get you own opinion for this movie!

    • SkyPath

      Thank you so much! If you watch this again, you will have new feeling! The Characteristics of great movie are when you watch in different age, you will get different feeling!

  • joyce


    What a nice article and review about the “Truman Show” I had watched it long time ago, and with the interesting points that you cited about the movie, I will be watching it again.

    When you asked: “Why don’t I try to be the main actor of my life?”, it really made me realize to be what I want and to do what I want and not just to follow what others are telling me. We are the captains of our ship!

    Great review and keep those reviews coming!

    • SkyPath

      Thank you! I really don’t like my life got control by the other, maybe our life just like a movie, and why you gonna be passerby when you can be main actor? If you have any thought after watch this movie, please let me know!

  • 特里lemoine

    I haven’t seen the Jim Carey movie, but after reading your article, I will find it and watch it. The main point I got out of your article is “be in control of your own destiny”, which I agree with totally. You can’t let life control you, you have to live your life each day, each minute, each second, with a purpose and do your best to enjoy it! Thanks for sharing.

    • SkyPath

      Thank you, This movie give me so many thought, our life sometimes is good, sometimes is bad, but for me, if we control our life, become the main actor of our life, we all will win Oscar in the end of the life!

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