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Titanic, The Romance That Never Sinking

In these few weeks, we saw “Avengers: Endgame” has been passed “Titanic” in box office, so I go and search the top 10 highest box office of all time, I saw the only romantic movie on the top 10 list is “Titanic”, so I decided to go back to watch this one of the most classic movies of all time.

It is hard to find a people who didn’t watch this movie yet, this is definitely a must watch movie in your life, and it is been a long time since I watch this movie, but it still the most beautiful story, and this time, I have a very different feeling, I feel about not just romantic, but the other thing.

Tied Up by Identity

We will always want to be rich, we want to go to the fine dining restaurant every day, meet the senior person, sit on a yacht and private jet, however, for some rich people, it didn’t feel that good at all, same as Rose DeWitt Bukater, her father owe a lot of debt, so her mother forcing her to marry the rich man, Rose to live a noble life since she was born, and that becomes a bind.

Jack Dawson, on this luxury cruise by gambling, he wanders around, he has no place to live, just when you think he is poor, while he is happier than Rose, a woman who has a lot of money and lives a luxury life, so why we dissatisfied with our current life? Everything we did is to make our happy, so why we must pursue wealth and prosperity?

When Rose doesn’t want to live, Jack saved her, but Rose mother and fiancé didn’t like Jack at all, just because of his identity, people always get tied up by identity, not just for itself, but also the other, when other people look different from you, we always go first to reject, why?

We are the only animals on earth that will reject the same race.

Experience becomes dangerous

Like what I said, I have a different feeling about this movie, not just for Jack and Rose, because we all know, the main event in this movie is Titanic shipwreck, and when we talk about that, we need to talk about the captain of Titanic.

Edward John Smith, who has 26 years experience on the ship, in the movie, when Joseph Bruce Ismay, the chairman of White Star Line wants the Titanic to accelerate, Edward think even is really meet the iceberg, he still can react quickly, so he accelerates the Titanic, eventually caused disaster.

Also, the lifeboat is not enough at all, there is no precaution before they set sail, enough to see everyone’s confidence in the Titanic, and arrogant, take precautions to be the best way to do on everything.

Sometimes, we think experience will help us and always the right, no, that’s not right, for example, you being a staff for a long time, yes, you have a great experience on being staff, but when you have a chance to promotion, you can’t think as a staff, you need to think in a different way.

Even we have a long experience at one thing, we still can hear some suggestions from other people, no matter what their position is, the smartest people be the people know how to listen to any suggestions, and don’t be restricted by experience.


We talked about a lot of things about humanity, like in our review “The Dark Knight”, we already know when the disaster happened, people will show the ugliest side, same as when Titanic is about the sink.

At first, when staff member giving life jackets to everyone, nobody care about, no crisis awareness, and suddenly, they found out thing about going worst, all the nobility want to go first, they didn’t care about women and children first or not, they didn’t care there is some lifeboat is not yet full, they want to clean and a lot of space, the scene becomes chaotic.

When Jack is locked in the basement, Rose tries to call for help for everyone, but everyone ignores, nobody cares others one except themselves.

But these are also some nice people in this chaos, some people give up the seat for children and women, the band playing music just to relax everyone’s mood.

Crews are trying so hard to save everybody’s life, but because of the chaos, they become angry, leading to more unnecessary casualties, but they still attentiveness to duties.

Human beings are selfish, that is nature, hard to change, but still, we still can see that faint light, still can see the love, love is powerful, it changes everything.

My Heart Will Go On

With the stunning movie, it also needs a stunning soundtrack, and they did it, one of the greatest songs in movie history, the lyrics cut the chest of Titanic, this tragedy and the love story, Jack and Rose met for about 2 days, but Jack took Rose to a world she been never, Rose put aside the bondage for the first time in her life, this song is very touching, every time I heard this song, my mind flashes every moment of this movie.

This movie will live forever in my mind, and the history of the movie, very original romantic, I recommend you should bring your lover to watch this movie together! That’s the movie you must see in your life! And even re-watch!


If you have any interest in this movie, click the link down below!


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  • Renata


    Thank you for the post about Titanic, it reminds me of the time (I was quite young) when I saw it in the cinema – so long waiting for this spectacular movie (almost the same length as for Avengers – Endgame). Titanic is really one of the best love movies I have ever seen and the soundtrack of Celine Dion also one of the best love songs.

    When I am thinking about this movie it comes to my mind, how some people act in the case of danger and very possible death end – some were brave (but also died in the end), some was let’s say little less brave (and possibly survived). It is so hard to say, on which side I would be in case something like that could happen to me or any other or to my family… so hard to imagine, but if I can guess, I would be the less brave person and try to survived (but probably not kill people due to life wish).

    Since this movie, I really love Kate Winslet as a very good and beautiful actress and really like the movies with her in them. More than to Leo, I was crushed to Billy Zane (until now I like him due to his look).

    Thank you for coming with this post, great memories indeed. I am looking forward to another great post of yours.

    Bye Renata

    • SkyPath

      Thank you, glad to hear somebody thought just like me, and also your great opinion, Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio both are excellent actor and actress, and I think this movie can watch many times as you can! Everytime you will have different feeling! Hope you can watch again recently! Thanks again!

  • Khobayer Khan


    Titanic is one of the most favorite movies in my movie list. I am a big fan of the Titanic movie. Last year I watch this movie last. When I watch this movie it makes my eyes full of tears. This movie based on romantic. Jack and Rose both love each other but their family does not agree with there relationship. Then they fall an accident the Titanic hit on an ice hill for this the ship was drilled down. Slowly this ship going to under the deep sea at this time Jack saves Rose life. He saves Rose life but he can’t save his life. There is the end of the story. I really love this movie.

    For a while, I am searching for this movie but I am undone. Today I got this through your blog.

    Thanks for writing for such a wonderful blog.

    • SkyPath

      This movie is really romantic, Jack and Rose ending maybe is better than both survive, because of Jack’s sacrifice, Rose will never forget everything about him, the best two days of her life.

      Thank you!

  • affiliate_ghost

    This really brings back so many childhood memories for me and reading through your post made it more amazing. The Titanic really defined what romance means to a lot of us and in my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful story on love and sacrifice. It also portrays the darker sides of humans when disaster strikes. I would definitely be re watching this. Thanks

    • SkyPath

      Yes, that also is my childhood, you got that right! Titanic become a meaning of romantic, many movies are also affected by Titanic! Thank you so much!

  • Rana


    This is an excellent and educative movie. It’s the best of all the romantic movies I’ve seen. After reading your article, I remembered the movie again. It is a great movie in history. This movie is entirely made up of a ship. Seeing this movie I could feel, how much people can give up for love. The movie teaches us the freedom of romantic and divine life. We learn how much of a little wrong person brings about the dangers of this movie.

    Thank you so much for sharing this kind of article.

    • SkyPath

      Thank you so much! Great movie will teach things and you will never forget and feel tire about it, you right, one important point in this movie is sometimes, a little mistake or some self-satisfied will bringing up a catastrophe.

  • frencisW

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