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Uncle Drew The Movie Review, A Different Era Dream Team!

I like to watch NBA, so when basketball movie released, and even they have NBA player inside the movie, definitely, I will watch it! Let’s go to the today theme:Uncle Drew The Movie review.

The Story Begin

A streeball manager name Dax has a great team, The ace of this team called Casper, starring Aaron Gordon, which is one of the best dunker in the NBA, one day, Casper betray Dax to the team that a manager who has beef with Dax, and the story just about begin…

The team without Casper means nothing, Dax need to find a new team and at the time, his heard about the streetball legend:Uncle Drew. After a lot of hardships, he finally let Uncle Drew in his team, but Uncle Drew says he wants to find his old teammate or the deal is off, so, the road just getting start.

How To Rating This Movie?

for my opinion, to rating a basketball movie are not watch the plot, is smooth in the game and you can clearly see what’s happen when they are playing on the count, and most importantly: The Starring. Let’s see the Starring and their name in the movie:

Point Guard: Kyrie Irving (which is one of my favorite player)

Uncle Drew”


Shooting Guard: Nate Robinson (one of the shortest player in NBA history, Three times slam dunk contest winner)



Small Forward: Reggie Miller (ranked No.1 three point made in NBA)

“Wilbur “Lights” Wallace”


Power Forward: Chris Webber (one of the highest IQ PF of all time)

” Preacher”


Center: Shaquille O’Neal (one of the greatest Center of all time)

“Big Fella”


Bench: Lisa Leslie (the first woman dunk in the WNBA) 

” Betty Lou”

Look at this roster, it is amazing and crazy roster if they all in they prime, the must-see point is Kyrie and Shaq Connections, and I also like to see Lisa in this movie, we can see the skill of WNBA is actually very well, I don’t see WNBA but I know Lisa this player how to change WNBA, is really good to see her in this movie.

And what they overcome things and finally be a team is such a great and cool storyline! I pretty enjoyed the every basketball moment in this movie, some people see here, they might ask: “Why his called Uncle Drew? And why they are all need to dress up as an old guy?” then let me tell you the reason.

The Birth of Uncle Drew

In 2012, Pepsi creates a commercial, they invite Kyrie Irving, and they decides to make kyrie dress up like an old man and go to the street to surprise people in there, but in fact, the people out there are also set up, to make this looks like a real prank.

After they upload video to YouTube, it just become so popular! As a company, this was a huge business success, everybody on any place are sharing this video, and as a player, that also a big success, we need to know that Kyrie in 2012 is not that famous, but just because this commercial, Kyrie becomes so hot in the NBA, everyone was start follow this young kid, and the nickname “Uncle Drew” becomes a trademark of Kyrie, so as a matter of fact, Kyrie not just wins his personal fame, he also has a business success as well.

Since that, Pepsi continued film the sequel of “Uncle Drew”, they invite more NBA superstars such as Kevin Love, Nate Robinson, and also Ray Allen was in this series, and because of how everyone loves this commercial, they decide to make a movie about it, in 2017, Pepsi starting making a script, and later in 2018, this movie has been released.

The Legendary Streetball Count: Rucker Park

The Movie Story is about streetball team, so how can you not mention the legendary streetball count in the whole world: Rucker Park.

In the story of this movie, they final goals was win a trophy of streetball, and every game was play in the Rucker Park, so some of you will ask again: “What is this place? And Does it really that legend?” Let me explain to you.

Start Famous

We all know everyone has their own skies, so in streetball, they will have them own basketball tournament, and that starts in 1946, park bureau staff named Rucker, he decides to make every high school kid to have a streetball count can play, he creates a half pro basketball tournament, they even start a tour in 1950, and the first stop of course are the Rucker Park, and in 1965, they called this tournament “Entertainers Basketball Classic”, AKA “EBC”.

NBA Player Challenge

Since 1950, Rucker Park seem to be the greatest streetball count in the world, and almost every legend streetball player are play in here before, so with no question, the greatest basketball league in the world: NBA, their player will come here to prove themselves.

Here is the several famous NBA Player who comes to Rucker Park:

Kobe Bryan (2002)

Allen Iverson (1998)

Kevin Durant (2011)

Vince Carter (1999)

And on and on NBA Player was here before, that is another reason why this park so famous, why so important for every streetball player.

Conclusion: Is this movie good?

I am a huge NBA fans, I know that not so many basketball movies you can watch, this one is the first basketball movie I watch in past 8 years, last movie I watch about basketball was “Thunderstruck” starring by Kevin Durant, I watch just a few basketball movie actually, if you like me a fan of basketball, you will know the most wonderful part of basketball is real basketball game, but, sometimes you just wanna see you favorite player or other NBA player on the big screen.

So, I talk about Uncle Drew, talk about the famous Rucker Park, that’s the two big point you need to know before you watch this movie, this movie is pretty good, young Kyrie with other hall of fame is another point in this movie, I like this movie, as NBA fan or a basketball fan, you will pretty enjoy about it, but if you are a people who want to see the movie has a great or dramatic plot, this is definitely not your type.


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  • sikaanka1

    You have a lovely page here! The layout is inviting and pleasant to look at. I do not know much about NBA but I a have a feeling that those who understand will find this website really great. Good works

  • Alex

    I remember watching the pick up basketball game ‘prank.’ It was hilarious to watch to say the least. I cannot stop laughing each time I view it. No one knows he is a pro basketball player. I did not know it was a movie promotion. That is new for me.

    I do have a question though. What have other people thought of the movie? Did they enjoy it? Or did they give it a thumbs down? I am looking for ideas on how to spend my Friday nights.

    Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

    • SkyPath

      I think the people who loves NBA or basketball will watch this kind of movie, if you not the fans of basketball and you just wanna watch the movie that you can relaxed, this movie still are a great chose, but if you want to watch some dramatic or exciting, this will not the movie you want to watch.
      Thank you! I wish you a good day too!

  • Austin

    I have a friend that I know would love to read this post. He really likes basketball and would probably love to see this movie. Very great content, love the layout and style of your writing! Keep up the good work!

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